quote by Billy Wilder

My Aunt Minnie would always be punctual and never hold up production, but who would pay to see my Aunt Minnie?

— Billy Wilder

Most Powerful Minnie quotations

I even like when girls wear printed Minnie Mouse T-shirts with a cool ball gown skirt, or a ripped up pair of jeans - it's all about how you style it.

In 1944 James Arthur and Minnie Susan were added to the Marx household.

It's like everyone I have dinner with, I'm having an affair with.

Who was it I met the other day? Minnie Driver! She seems charming, but that's the only time I've met her.

People go 'You look a lot like Minnie Driver.

' Once I said, 'Thanks, Minnie is a great actress.' But, it blew up in my face. This person said, 'Nah, didn't like the last movie she did.'

I think everybody needs a little bit of Minnie in their wardrobe.

God, she's growing up, and I don't know when it happened, man.

I used to buy her Minnie Mouse panties and little Winnie the Pooh underwear. I was helping my wife fold cloths. I picked up a pair of skimpy underwear. I looked at my wife and said: "When you gonna wear these for me?" She goes, "I can't. They're your daughter's." "Aaaaaaahhhhhh! No, No, No!" There was nothing to them! The how-to-wash tag was the biggest piece of cloth on there.

A man should always be drunk, Minnie, when he talks politics - it's the only way in which to make them important.

I was Minnie Mouse for Halloween, every year when I was little.

Then, I had the Cinderella nightgown, when I was really little, that I begged my mother to wear to school. I was also Snow White a lot.

Took out Skinny Minnie, Long Tall Sally, and Short Fat Fanny, but I'm kinda fonda Wanda.

We've all been influenced by other people.

..If Minnie Riperton never existed, would I have even thought of singing in that (upper) register? I doubt it.

Elvis said, Miss Minnie, do you think it would be out of order if I go up and speak to General Stewart? I've always been such a fan of his. So Elvis went up to speak to the Stewarts.

President Obama was in Disney World today where he unveiled his new plan to create jobs. He was joined by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse but not Goofy. He had to stay behind to tend to his vice presidential duties.

Miss Celia stares down into the pot like she's looking for her future.

"Are you happy, Minny?" "Why you ask me funny questions like that?" "But are you?" "Course I's happy. You happy too. Big house, big yard, husband looking after you." I frown at Miss Celia and I make sure she can see it. Because ain't that white people for you, wondering if they are happy ENOUGH.

Rule Number One for working for a white lady, Minny: it is nobody’s business.

You keep your nose out of your White Lady’s problems, you don’t go crying to her with yours—you can’t pay the light bill? Your feet are too sore? Remember one thing: white people are not your friends. They don’t want to hear about it. And when Miss White Lady catches her man with the lady next door, you keep out of it, you hear me?

You planning top kill me with a Wiffle bat?" [Carson asked] "Yeah.

" "Why?" he asked. The bat was shaking in my tight grip. "Because I don't have my Minnie Mouse pillow.