quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero

Study carefully, the character of the one you recommend, lest their misconduct bring you shame.

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

Special Misconduct quotations

When a wise man is advised of his errors, he will reflect on and improve his conduct. When his misconduct is pointed out, a foolish man will not only disregard the advice but rather repeat the same error.

But here's my point to the LA Times. If you had a serious story to run, if you thought there was serious misconduct, you don't wait until the Thursday before the Tuesday. You run it early.

We draw the line against misconduct, not against wealth.

The business of popularizing crime is how we expose the faults in our justice system. It's how we expose police misconduct.

The Delphic oracles of the disease theory of delinquency (the "experts") have slapped all manner of misconduct with diagnostic labels... The arsonist has ”pyromania,” the thief is inflicted with ”kleptomania,” and Bill Clinton is not promiscuous, but a ”sex-addict."

Among Jews, there is an absence of drunkenness, always a fruitful source of domestic strife and misconduct.

All evolution in thought and conduct must at first appear as heresy and misconduct.

I think it is important that independent government agencies be put in charge of investigating misconduct so that police departments are no longer allowed to police themselves. There is a conflict of interest there which, I believe, allows police to excuse their own behavior.

Great nations are never impoverished by private, though they sometimes are by public prodigality and misconduct.

When you teach your students that it's "economically rational" to commit crimes where the fines for misconduct are lower than the expected return on the crime, you instill a professional ethic that has no room for morals.

Congress' dynastic politics has shattered the hopes & aspirations of people.

Congress hides behind the veil of secularism whenever its governance falters and its misconduct is exposed. This will no longer go unchallenged. The younger generation will not accept these actions of Congress!

There is this peculiar blind spot in the culture of academic medicine around whether withholding trial results is research misconduct. People who work in any industry can reinforce each others' ideas about what is okay.

It is a just retribution for improper sexual misconduct

If people of one''s own side have good conduct, it adds power to oneself.

The misconduct on the contrary render one powerless. The enemy taks advantage of it. A skilled statesman never allows enemy to win over.

A consciousness of misfortunes arising from a man's own misconduct aggravates their bitterness.

[Imeachable conduct is] misconduct by public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust.

Do not you see that every misfortune is misconduct;

that every honour is desert; that every effort is an insolence of your own?...You carry your fortune in your own hand.

It is very rare, indeed, for men to be wrong in their feelings concerning public misconduct; as rare to be right in their speculations upon the cause of it. I have constantly observed that the generality of people are fifty years, at least, behind in their politics.

The state, by relieving idleness, improvidence, or misconduct from punishment, and depriving abstinence and foresight of the reward, which have been provided for them by nature, may indeed destroy wealth, but most certainly will aggravate poverty.

Capitals are increased by parsimony, and diminished by prodigalityand misconduct. By what a frugal man annually saves he not onlyaffords maintenance to an additional number of productive hands?but?he establishes as it were a perpetual fund for the maintenance of an equal number in all times to come.

Among us, in our part of the country, those who are upright are different from this. The father conceals the misconduct of the son, and the son conceals the misconduct of the father. Uprightness is to be found in this.

The damage done to this country by its own misconduct in the last few months and years, to its very heart and soul, is far greater and longer lasting than any damage that any terrorist could possibly inflict upon us.

In most communities it is illegal to cry "fire" in a crowded assembly.

Should it not be considered serious international misconduct to manufacture a general war scare in an effort to achieve local political aims?

You know how the church has been hit so hard by the sexual misconduct by clergy, and what's that's done to Catholics, especially here in Boston but elsewhere as well.

Homosexual behavior is a ground for divorce, an act of sexual misconduct punishable as a crime in Alabama, a crime against nature, an inherent evil, and an act so heinous that it defies one's ability to describe it. The homosexual conduct of a parent - conduct involving a sexual relationship between two persons of the same gender - creates a strong presumption of unfitness that alone is sufficient justification for denying that parent custody.

I think the problem is, if we foreclose any public justice, then we cut off the virtuous cycle that's represented by law, where there are public decisions which then deter misconduct in the future. We need to have both. We need to have private dispute sy-, systems, and we need to have public dispute systems.

The one thing you never want to do in politics is take the hit for someone else's misconduct - especially someone as erratic as President Trump.

Hillary Clinton told the FBI 39 times she couldn't remember anything.

I couldn't remember, I couldn't remember. Or recall key events concerning illegal server and related misconduct.

It's so offensive that we have a man [Donald Trump] that has been accused by more than 10 women of sexual misconduct, not to mention fraud and bribery and all the other things that he's being investigated for, and he gets a total pass.

Unfortunately I feel like a lot of the issues that the show [OJ Simpson ] was dealing with are still very much in the forefront of the American consciousness and the world consciousness today. Police misconduct was at the heart of the defense and Johnny Cochran did a masterful job at putting that defense at the forefront of the jury's conscience as opposed to the double homicide of Ron [Goldman] and Nicole [Brown Simpson].

The result of Hillary Clinton misconduct was the release of thousands and thousands of dangerous criminal aliens who should have been sent home to their countries. Instead we have them all over the place.

The West has institutions that can punish the misconduct of individuals.

What drove Rwanda and Africa into decline was the fact that certain people weren't held accountable. When we move to make corrupt mayors or officers answer to the courts, people always immediately say that we are repressive. But should we allow these people to continue to get away with it?

I think there`s so much of us broken for Americans and particularly African-Americans. I think it`s impossible to separate fully some 50-plus allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual assault from Bill Cosby is as a philanthropist or an actor.

Constitutional provisions are not barriers to government misconduct.

At best, they can be speed bumps.