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Yes, I thought I was joining Manchester United, I was misled by all involved. I wasnt aware of another Manchester team

— Robinho

Colossal Misled quotations

Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see.

You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world.

We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States.

Bush and Cheney were not misled by flawed intelligence;

they used the flawed intelligence to mislead.

If we look for ways to get rid of necessary pain, we'll be disillusioned or misled. For people who define real change as the elimination of inevitable struggle, the final chapters will be terribly disappointing.

There's a gullible side to the American people.

They can be easily misled. Religion is the best device used to mislead them.

... pure and intelligent women can be deceived and misled by the baser sort, their very innocence and experience making them credulous and the helpless tools of the guilty and bold.

I myself was to experience how easily one is taken in by a lying and censored press and radio in a totalitarian state... a steady diet over the years of falsifications and distortions made a certain impression on one's mind and often misled it.

Are you an Israeli? I don't debate with Israelis.

I have been misled, sorry. I don't recognise Israel and I don't debate with Israelis.

Do not be misled by appearances for these are apt to be deceptive.

Do not be misled by a person's prayers and fasting. [Instead] look [at their] sincerity and wisdom.

The real purpose of the scientific method is to make sure nature hasn’t misled you into thinking you know something you actually don’t know.

To a worldly man, a God-intoxicated person will appear mad and he will laugh at him, But to the God-intoxicated man, the worldly appear insane, foolish, misled, blind.

There is no 'my self' and 'his self'.

There is the Self, the only Self of all. Misled by the diversity of names and shapes, minds and bodies, you imagine multiple selves.

The capitalist can only make a whole people go to war .

. . by capturing the popular will. The only prophylactic against that situation is to make the public aware of the way in which it is being misled.

It is a tribute to the American people that our leaders perceived that they had to lie to us, it is not a tribute to us that we were so easily misled.

Misled by fancy's meteor ray, By passion driven;

But yet the light that led astray Was light from heaven.

You should not be misled about the so-called single opposition candidate.

There are so many of them now that you will lack the fingers to count them.

Do not be misled by hearing of anyone's reputation.

By education most have been misled.

Clay is so young and has been misled by the wrong people.

He might as well have joined the Ku Klux Klan.

It should not be surprising if people believe easily in a God who makes no demands, but this is not the God of the Bible. Satan has cleverly misled people by whispering that they can believe in Jesus Christ without being changed, but this is the Devil's lie. To those who say you can have Christ without giving anything up, Satan is deceiving you.

Any seeming deception in a statement is costly, not only in the expense of the advertising but in the detrimental effect produced upon the customer, who believes she has been misled.

In sum, the purpose is to contest the popular view, because popular opinions are so frequently found to be untimely, misled (by propaganda), or plainly wrong.

suicide is absolute, and if you think you will survive by hiding who you really are, you are sadly misled: there is no such thing as partial or intermittent suicide. You can only survive if you - who you really are - do survive.

We are constantly misled by the ease with which our minds fall into the ruts of one or two experiences

I suggest that if you know history, then you might not be so easily fooled by the government when it tells you you must go to war for this or that reason -that history is a protective armor against being misled.

By education most have been misled; So they believe, because they were bred. The priest continues where the nurse began, And thus the child imposes on the man.

Since the end of the nineteenth century, if not earlier, presidents have misled the public about their motives and their intentions in going to war.

I want young people to ask me if I'm serious.

Our young people have been lied to and misled for so long. When I stand on this soapbox, I want young people to ask me that because once they know I'm serious, they'll be willing to ride with me.

The traditional Indian view was to protect our independence;

it was therefore quite consistent with the requirements of the time and the feeling of the people. The world may have been misled by Jawaharlal Nehru's own international projection, which in fact had no reality on the ground.

By the delusions of seeming good the people are often misled to desire their own ruin; and they are frequently influenced by great hopes and brave promises.

I resolved from the beginning of my quest that I would not be misled by sentiment and desire into beliefs for which there was no good evidence.

Do not allow yourself to be misled by the surfaces of things

Top IRS officials specifically targeted tea party groups and misled the public about its secret political targeting program led by ex-official Lois Lerner, according to a bombshell new congressional report.

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