quote by Al Bernstein

Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction.

— Al Bernstein

Most Powerful Missteps quotations

A career path is rarely a path at all.

A more interesting life is usual a more crooked, winding path of missteps, luck and vigorous work. It is almost always a clumsy balance between the things you try to make happen and the things that happen to you.

i think of all the thousands of billions of steps and missteps and chances and coincidences that have brought me here. Brought you here, and it feels like the biggest miracle in the world.

Who knows better than artists how much ugliness there is on the way to beauty, how many ghastly, mortifying missteps, how many days of granitic blockheadedness and dismaying ineptitude there is on the way to accomplishment, how partial all accomplishment is, how incomplete?

Use missteps as stepping stones to deeper understanding and greater achievement.

Use missteps as stepping stones to deeper understanding and greater achievement.

Everytime we've had a misstep, rather than freaking out and not being able to recover, we've always looked to what's the next thing to do.

Once you accept that perfection is just a goal, screwing up isn't so hard to handle. Each misstep is still a step, another lesson learned, another opportunity to get it right the next time.

You just have to get one misstep - that's an easy way to fall into caricature. Bad caricature.

Photography is humbling, it really is, and it really allows for me to atone for some of the missteps I've made throughout the course of my life.

The thing the ecologically illiterate don't realize about an ecosystem is that it's a system. A system! A system maintains a certain fluid stability that can be destroyed by a misstep in just one niche.

I think human consciousness is a misstep in evolution.

We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself. We are creatures that should not exist by natural law.

I like to think there's still right and wrong.

We blur that a lot. When we celebrate misdeeds instead of portraying them as missteps, we've lost our way a little bit.

I love myself for all my mistakes and missteps.

They have been very valuable to me. They have taught me many things. It is the way I learn. I am willing to stop punishing myself for my mistakes.

Where we might think of sin as slip-ups or missteps, God views sin as a godless attitude that leads to godless action.

Each misstep leads to the next correct step.

An essential virtue is humility. ... The principle of humility and prayer leads one to feel a need of divine guidance. Self-reliance is a virtue, but with it should go a consciousness of the need of superior help-a consciousness that as you walk firmly in the pathway of duty, there is a possibility of your making a misstep; and with that consciousness is a prayer, a pleading that God will inspire you to avoid that false step

I just want [my daughter Isabelle] to know that she's heard.

Really heard, because I feel like that is what we all really want. When I think about any of the missteps in my life that I've made, all of which I'm grateful for, it's because I just so wanted to be truly seen and heard for who I am and was afraid I wasn't or wouldn't be. I see you, I hear you, I'm with you as you are.

In this age of Twitter and Snark every misstep gets posted online in twelve seconds.

Sometimes I misstep into something perhaps I shouldn't, but with age comes a thick, high pair of rubber boots to wade through the barnyard. We should all have to get to the dirt and 'muck out' at some point in our lives.

I've done TV, but never where you're given this much time to live with a character, to study the tone and hone it and repair stuff, to go back and watch old episodes and go, "Oh no, that's a misstep. That's a victory. I should do more of that, less of that."

When you try to worry about missteps and all that kind of stuff, that's not the healthiest way to be.

One of the signs of relying on deeds is loss of hope when a misstep occurs.

My personal missteps - how many Americans have died as a result of that? None.

Other than my family, how many victims were there? None. And yet, in refusing to engage in a responsible debate about Iraq, how many Americans died? Thousands. And America seems to have no problem with that.

The most successful families embrace and elevate their family history, particularly their failures, setbacks and other missteps.

The worst misstep one can make in design is to solve the wrong problem.

Small mistakes, the lack of care, little accidents, and somewhere a tipping point is passed and things go badly wrong. Expedition history brims with tragedies built out of incremental missteps.

See the opportunity in the misstep.

There were a lot of missteps in the early days, but because we got in early we got to make more mistakes than other people.

Crow paced back and forth, his form flickering like flame.

"It's been a thousand years, Alister. I never intended for anyone to find it, so it's very well protected. One little misstep, and you and my line will be history." "Since when are you so concerned about your line?" Han said. Crow stared at him for a long moment. "Since I found out I had one.

Life can be like walking on a high wire. Falling seems a tiny misstep away.

But once in a while . . . I don't know. I feel so close, Rose. So close to the edge. Like if I allow myself one small misstep, I'll plunge away and never come back. It's like I'll lose myself.

Terrible errors are rarely made all at once. Usually they are performed one small misstep at a time.