quote by David Deida

Whereas women are most turned on by a man's depth of presence, men are most turned on by a woman's radiance and energy: how she moves, moans, smiles, and opens in love.

— David Deida

Most Powerful Moaning quotations

Love is not the dying moan of a distant violin - it's the triumphant twang of a bedspring.

Love is not the dying moan of a distant violin-it's the triumphant twang of a bedspring.

You moan, "She left me." "He left me," Twenty more will come.

Through the chill of December the early winter moans.

.. but it's that January wind that rattles old bones.

The Tuesday scowls, the Wednesday growls, the Thursday curses, the Friday howls, the Saturday snores, the Sunday yawns, the Monday morns, the Monday morns. The whacks, the moans, the cracks, the groans, the welts, the squeaks, the belts, the shrieks, the pricks, the prayers, the kicks, the tears, the skelps, and the yelps.

Man beholds the earth, and it is breathing like a great lung;

whenever it exhales, delightful life swarms from all its pores and reaches out toward the sun, but when it inhales, a moan of rupture passes through the multitude, and corpses whip the ground like bouts of hail.

People forget they have options. And they forget that those things don't really matter. They should concentrate on what they have and not what they don't have. And by the way, wishing and dreaming doesn't mean concentrating on what you don't have, it's positive thinking that encourages hoping and believing, not whinging and moaning.

They're very tenacious. They're dedicated. Once a woman decides she's going to do something, she'll probably stick to it. The only problem with women is if there's anything wrong with them, they won't tell you. They'll get out there and run on one leg. They don't moan and groan like a lot of men do.

Pompous asses knows how to put the moan in sanctimonious.

Don't give in! Make your own trail. Don't moan. Don't complain. Think positively.

No matter how often you knock at nature's door, she won't answer in words you can understand--for Nature is dumb. She'll vibrate and moan like a violin, but you mustn't expect a song.

If you'll quit moaning and crying, I'll use the things to make you into someone I can use in the lives of others to show them that no matter where they've been, no matter how deep the hole, no matter how painful the trial, there's hope. There is victory.

Where to start? Everything cracks and shakes, The air trembles with similes, No one world's better than another; the earth moans with metaphors.

I like doing a challenging class because it makes me more brave in life.

My perception of hardships is now completely different. I'm not whining and moaning inside as much.

Rather would I have the love songs of romantic ages, rather Don Juan and Madame Venus, rather an elopement by ladder and rope on a moonlight night, followed by the father's curse, mother's moans, and the moral comments of neighbors, than correctness and propriety measured by yardsticks.

A girl's got to do what she's got to do to make somebody pay her a compliment.

If that means moaning 'til the cows come home, then so be it.

We all moan and groan about the loss of the quality of life through the destruction of our ecology, and yet every one of us, in our own little comfortable ways, contributes daily to that destruction. It's time now to awaken in each one of us the respect and attention our beloved Mother deserves.

Now piercèd is her virgin zone; She feels the foe within it. She hears a broken amorous groan, The panting lover's fainting moan, Just in the happy minute.

I can't moan about any of it. I had a great time in the goldfish bowl.

And thus we rust Life's iron chain Degraded and alone: And some men curse, and some men weep, And some men make no moan: But God's eternal Laws are kind And break the heart of stone

The howling pariah dogs, the cocks that herald dawn all night, the drumming, the moaning that will be found later white plumage huddled on telegraph wires in back gardens or fowl roosting in apple trees, the eternal sorrow that never sleeps of great Mexico.

Repentance, as we know, is basically not moaning and remorse, but turning and change.

Somewhere around the place I've got an unfinished short story about Schrodinger's Dog; it was mostly moaning about all the attention the cat was getting.

I want to moan and writhe with you and I want to go up to you and kiss your mouth and pull you to me and say "I love you I love you I love you" while stripping. I want you so bad it stings.

Man's hope can paint a purple picture, can transform a soaring vulture into a noble eagle or moaning dove.

Marvin trudged on down the corridor, still moaning.

"...and then of course I've got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left hand side..." "No?" said Arthur grimly as he walked along beside him. "Really?" "Oh yes," said Marvin, "I mean I've asked for them to be replaced but no one ever listens." "I can imagine.

To whom can I expose the urgency of my own passion?…There is nobody—here among these grey arches, and moaning pigeons, and cheerful games and tradition and emulation, all so skilfully organised to prevent feeling alone.

Night fell clean and cold in Dublin, and wind moaned beyond my room as if a million pipes played the air.

It's all a farce, - these tales they tell About the breezes sighing, And moans astir o'er field and dell, Because the year is dying.

It's a whole different attitude toward public service than it once was.

I tell you, we can all sit around in our old age and moan about it, but I think the administrative processes and the management effectiveness of the federal government are terrible!

The wind is rising on the sea,The windy white foam-dancers leap;

And the sea moans uneasily,And turns to sleep, and cannot sleep.

He will regard his people's cry, the widow's tear, the orphan's moan.

The ocean moans over dead men's bones.

I don't have any way to control the Spirit or create revival.

I pray that the Holy Spirit would move upon the church, but at the same time, I want to busy evangelizing. I am not one of those people who moan and pray for revival all the time, but do nothing.