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The Most Famous Modern Technology Quotes (Best in 2024)

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We live in a world defined by the rapid pace of technological change. — Jerome Powell

Industrialization based on machinery, already referred to as a characteristic of our age, is but one aspect of the revolution that is being wrought by technology. — Emily Greene Balch

Technology is making design more exciting, with color, wallpaper, textures, fabrics that could never have been created without the technology. — David Bromstad

Education technology and school construction go together. Modernization, updating education facilities, and making a capital investment in education are all included. — Major Owens

New capabilities emerge just by virtue of having smart people with access to state-of-the-art technology. — Robert E. Kahn

We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world. — David Warlick

I don't like technology and all that. I'm a farm boy. I would rather live in that time when you had to provide for your family. I don't know. I'm a country kid, so I don't like modern technology. — Travis Fimmel

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. — Edward Teller

We are at the beginning of a technological renaissance that will fundamentally change how we live, work, and communicate with one another. — Chamath Palihapitiya

Capitalism historically has been a very dynamic force, and behind that force is technical progress, innovation, new ideas, new products, new technologies, and new methods of managing teams. — Manmohan Singh

Short Modern Technology Quotes

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  • Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. — Christian Lous Lange
  • It has been claimed at times that our modern age of technology facilitates dictatorship. — Henry A. Wallace
  • Technology is a way of organizing the universe so that man doesn't have to experience it. — Max Frisch
  • If science fiction is the mythology of modern technology, then its myth is tragic. — Ursula K. Le Guin
  • A nation's ability to fight a modern war is as good as its technological ability. — Frank Whittle
  • I love the modern technology now. — Ringo Starr
  • By now, with all our modern technology, there should be no poverty left on earth. — E. A. Bucchianeri
  • India is committed to strong armed forces, well-equipped with modern arms & technology! — Narendra Modi
  • War is the ultimate realization of modern technology. — Don Delillo
  • HOBBES: All this modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once. — Bill Watterson
Modern technology quote I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world wil
I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

What Is Technology Quotes

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90% of what is considered "impossible" is, in fact, possible. The other 10% will become possible with the passage of time & technology. — Hideo Kojima

As a matter of fact, when compression technology came along, we thought the future in 1996 was about voice. We got it wrong. It is about voice, video, and data, and that is what we have today on these cell phones. — Steve Buyer

The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential. — Steve Ballmer

Modern technology quote All the technology in the world will never replace a positive attitude.
All the technology in the world will never replace a positive attitude.

The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It’s by giving those people a service that’s better than what they’re receiving from the pirates. — Gabe Newell

Modern technology quote

Regardless what technology is, I like analog too. — Lou Gramm

What amplifies the transformational power ahead is the confluence of two major technological currents today: the universal access to mobile computing and the pervasive use of social networks. — Michael Saylor

Modern technology quote In the future, we will have to count on being at least somewhat able to dominate
In the future, we will have to count on being at least somewhat able to dominate nature in ways that go beyond mere technology.

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. — Douglas Adams

The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it's too late. — Seymour Cray

Innovation is what America does best. Whether it is the Apollo Project to the moon, developing the most advanced defense technologies available, the rise of the Internet or the latest advancements in biomedical gene therapies, our nation leads the world in transformative innovations. — Martin Heinrich

Then, I realized that there is an indigenous presence in the Solar System. It's us. So, then, I got to wondering what would happen if a more technologically advanced society moved next door to us, the way we moved next door to the American Indians. — Sarah Zettel

Simple Technology Quotes

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Initially, I thought that Ethereum was a thing that would be used for people to write simple financial scripts. As it turns out, people are writing stuff like Augur on top of it. — Vitalik Buterin

Gold is literally Neolithic stone age tech, which is impressive and shows simple robust technology can be the best store of value for millennia. bitcoin is digital gold for the next millennia. — Adam Back

Clear content, simple navigation and answers to customer questions have the biggest impact on business value. Advanced technology matters much less. — Jakob Nielsen

Modern technology quote It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at higher standard
It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting our high technology from weaponry to livingry.

Ironically, the thing that will likely make the least improvement in the ease of use of software-based products is new technology. There is little difference technically between a complicated, confusing program and a simple, fun, and powerful product. — Alan Cooper

Persuading through Simplifying - Using computing technology to reduce complex behavior to simple tasks increases the benefit/cost ratio of the behavior and influences users to perform the behavior. — B. J. Fogg

High technology has done us one great service: It has retaught us the delight of performing simple and primordial tasks - chopping wood, building a fire, drawing water from a spring — Edward Abbey

Modern technology quote Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.
Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.

The rate of technological and human physiological change in the 20th century has been remarkable. Beyond that, a synergy between the improved technology and physiology is more than the simple addition of the two. — Robert Fogel

The technologies which have had the most profound effects on human life are usually simple. — Freeman Dyson

In Gillette's case, they keep surfing along new technology which is fairly simple by the standards of microchips. But it's hard for competitors to do. So they've been able to stay constantly near the edge of improvements in shaving. — Charlie Munger

There is no "era" of simple, focused, concept-driven identity design. There is only design that grows out of understanding audiences for specific problems, and that evolves from an idea. This is an approach that does not depend on any specific time period or its technology. — Ivan Chermayeff

Latest Technology Quotes

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The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting. — Verner Panton

India has seen a dream of Digital India. From latest science to latest technology, everything should be available at the tip of one's finger. — Narendra Modi

Misuse of reason might yet return the world to pre-technological night; plenty of religious zealots hunger for just such a result, and are happy to use the latest technology to effect it. — A.C. Grayling

Modern technology quote Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and mot
Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is important.

As an avid photographer, I also took advantage of the latest technology in photography - digital photography - to post photos on my website on a daily basis. — Tipper Gore

However, even during the preparations for action, we laid our plans in such a manner that should there be progress through diplomatic negotiation, we would be well prepared to cancel operations at the latest moment that communication technology would have permitted. — Hideki Tojo

Are you, or is someone you know, a gadget freak? If so, you doubtless know that Wednesday was iPhone 5 day, the day Apple unveiled its latest way for people to avoid actually speaking to or even looking at whoever they're with. — Paul Krugman

Modern technology quote Social media isn't about technology. It's about relationships. 3 things you can
Social media isn't about technology. It's about relationships. 3 things you can do today: 1. Spend 5 minutes getting interested in someone on social media, rather than trying to get them interested in you.2. Post it forward e.g. list three people whom you admire. 3. Network before you need your network.

The reason we are doing these types of pat downs and using the advanced imagery technology is trying to take the latest intelligence and how we know al Qaeda and affiliates want to hurt us, they want to bring down whether it is passenger air craft or cargo aircraft. — John Pistole

I'm not against technology, but all tools should be used to their best advantage. We should be spending our time on things that have staying power, instead of on the latest thought of the latest blogger - and then moving on quickly to the next blogger. — J. I. Packer

The reason we are doing these types of pat downs and using the advanced imagery technology is trying to take the latest intelligence and how we know al Qaeda and affiliates want to hurt us, they want to bring down whether it is passenger air craft or cargo aircraft. — John S. Pistole

Our demographic dividend is our strength. The youth have what it takes to engage with the latest technology. — Narendra Modi

Advanced Technology Quotes

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The most important thing we can do is inspire young minds and to advance the kind of science, math and technology education that will help youngsters take us to the next phase of space travel. — John Glenn

I understood the importance in principle of public key cryptography but it's all moved much faster than I expected. I did not expect it to be a mainstay of advanced communications technology — Whitfield Diffie

But we are convinced that if we are to play a meaningful role nationally, and in the community of nations, we must be second to none in the application of advanced technologies to the real problems of man and society. — Vikram Sarabhai

Modern technology quote We have created a Star Wars civilization with Stone Age emotions, medieval insti
We have created a Star Wars civilization with Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology.

While there have been terrific advances in the state of technology around heuristics, behavior blocking, and things like that, technology is only a part of the approach to solving the problem with the more important aspect involving putting the right process in place. — John W. Thompson

In the future, rather than an annual checkup, our health will be monitored a million times a second and the alternative will seem medieval. — David Sinclair

I don’t know if this generation is the last mortal generation. — Naval Ravikant

Modern technology quote We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, b
We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.

Developments in medical technology have long been confined to procedural or pharmaceutical advances, while neglecting a most basic and essential component of medicine: patient information management. — John Doolittle

Today we have access to highly advanced technologies. But our social and economic system has not kept up with our technological capabilities that could easily create a world of abundance, free of servitude and debt. — Jacque Fresco

Modern technology quote

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. — Arthur C. Clarke

The industrial revolution allowed us, for the first time, to start replacing human labour with machines. — Vitalik Buterin

New Technology Quotes

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Design is not about decorating functional forms - it is about creating forms that accord with the character of the object and that show new technologies to advantage. — Peter Behrens

NAFTA recognizes the reality of today's economy - globalization and technology. Our future is not in competing at the low-level wage job; it is in creating high-wage, new technology jobs based on our skills and our productivity. — John F. Kerry

Modern technology quote

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. — Aldous Huxley

Transparency is all about letting in and embracing new ideas, new technology and new approaches. No individual, entity or agency, no matter how smart, how old, or how experienced, can afford to stop learning. — Gina McCarthy

But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin. — Aldous Huxley

I was head of the Cold Weather Warfare unit within the Special Boat Service. My job was to do extreme climbs, learn about new technology, and create new ideas on how to operate in those conditions. — Nirmal Purja

Companies disrupting the traditional world order - like Tesla and Square - are wise to hedge their fiat reserves with Bitcoin. Other companies in harm’s way because of disruptive innovation should be investing their cash in new technologies to avoid creative destruction. — Cathie Wood

I don’t want to make an incremental change in some technology in my life. I want to create a whole new technology, and one that is aimed at helping humanity at all levels regardless of geography or ethnicity or age or gender. — Elizabeth Holmes

We cannot escape that Hollywood is in the middle of a wave of technological change. The current angst over all the implications of new entertainment technology is nothing new. — Michael Eisner

My belief is that the vast majority of people using digital currency today are not seeking to evade taxes. They are simply investors seeking returns and people interested in a nascent new technology. — Brian Armstrong

Technological Advancement Quotes

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Atlantis was a highly evolved civilization where the sciences and arts were far more advanced than one might guess. Atlantis was technologically advanced in genetic engineering, computer science, inter-dimensional physics, and artistically developed with electronic music and crystal art forms. — Frederick Lenz

Technology is not only the thing that moves the human race forward, but it’s the only thing that ever has. Without technology, we’re just monkeys playing in the dirt. — Naval Ravikant

Working at OpenAI feels like having advance notice on the contours of the future. — Greg Brockman

It was my Uncle George who discovered that alcohol was a food well in advance of modern medical thought. — P. G. Wodehouse

Even as the population doubled from three to six billion, we managed to race ahead with all kinds of technological and scientific events in agriculture - from using more fertilizers to mechanization to advanced plant breeding. — Nina Fedoroff

Nature stuff all around us plants, animals, etc. are best thought of as basically super advanced alien technology. These are nanotechnology devices magically grown in ambient conditions with complex information processing. Synthetic bio is tinkering with hijacking this tech. — Andrej Karpathy

Bitcoin is the singularity. — Robert Breedlove

We can just assume they have much more and powerful, more advanced technology, all the new computers, everything could be much more easier and help them to build much more and many more nuclear weapons. — Mordechai Vanunu

Pixar is the most technically advanced creative company; Apple is the most creatively advanced technical company. — Steve Jobs

Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology. — Henry Chesbrough

Technology Increasing Quotes

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Science, as well as technology, will in the near and in the farther future increasingly turn from problems of intensity, substance, and energy, to problems of structure, organization, information, and control. — John Von Neumann

Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate. — Alvin Toffler

We often use technology to save time, but increasingly, it either takes the saved time along with it, or makes the saved time less present, intimate and rich. I worry that the closer the world gets to our fingertips, the further it gets from our hearts. — Jonathan Safran Foer

Mobile technology makes us ever more mobile, increasingly permitting not just easier movement around a home base but permanent international relocation. — Balaji Srinivasan

Good information architecture makes users less alienated and suppressed by technology. It simultaneously increases human satisfaction and your company's profits. Very few jobs allow you to do both at the same time, so enjoy. — Jakob Nielsen

As technology continues to increase our possibilities, what we're seeing is a shrinking of the lag time between what we dream about and what we create. — Jason Silva

A successful society is characterized by a rising living standard for its population, increasing investment in factories and basic infrastructure, and the generation of additional surplus, which is invested in generating new discoveries in science and technology. — Robert Trout

Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. Either we use those languages, or we remain mute. — J. G. Ballard

For a long time many believed that there would be an automatic adjustment and counted on a rapid increase in the wages of the emerging nations, on our advances in technology and the costs of transport preventing disruption. But this reassuring analysis is out of date. — Laurent Fabius

Democrats believe we should renew our commitment to creating tax credits for hybrid vehicles, increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars, and investing in ethanol, biofuel, hydrogen fuel cell technology. — Rosa DeLauro

Mobile Technology Quotes

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Effective use of Braille is as important to the blind as independent mobility, knowledge in the use of adaptive technology, and the core belief that equality, opportunity, and security are truly possible for all people who are blind. — Bob Ney

The old ways of teaching are slow and expensive. But with mobile, cost plummets, access broadens, and pedagogy rises. — Michael Saylor

The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks an incredible opportunity to connect everything together in a new way and is dramatically transforming the way we live and work. — Marc Benioff

Technological rationality reveals its political character as it becomes the great vehicle of better domination, creating a truely totalitarian universe in which society and nature, mind and body are kept in a state of permanent mobilization for the defense of this universe. — Herbert Marcuse

In 1999, I said that in about a decade we would see technologies such as self-driving cars and mobile phones that could answer your questions, and people criticized these predictions as unrealistic. — Ray Kurzweil

Today, most young women are exposed to technology at a very young age, with mobile phones, tablets, the Web or social media. They are much more proficient with technology than prior generations since they use it for all their school work, communication and entertainment. — Susan Wojcicki

Most of us carry at least one device, all the time, every day. In fact many of us would feel naked without our smartphone. It's hardly surprising mobile search queries - and mobile commerce - are growing dramatically across the world. — Larry Page

Mobile communications and pervasive computing technologies, together with social contracts that were never possible before, are already beginning to change the way people meet, mate, work, war, buy, sell, govern and create. — Howard Rheingold

I think kids are fairly similar. It's just really the technology. Like, you won't find kids in the 60s, or anyone for that matter, having mobile phones, texting, watching YouTube, and being absorbed in their technology. — Jared Gilman

The multinational corporation and international production reflect a world in which capital and technology have become increasingly mobile, while labor has remained relatively immobile. — Robert Gilpin

Modern Age Quotes

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Thanks to modern medical advances such as antibiotics, nasal spray, and Diet Coke, it has become routine for people in the civilized world to pass the age of 40, sometimes more than once. — Dave Barry

Forty-hour workweeks are a relic of the Industrial Age. — Naval Ravikant

If I paint like a barbarian, it's because we live in a barbarous age — Karel Appel

We've had the Iron Age, the Stone Age, this is the pissin' about age. — Karl Pilkington

The modern age is an age of leverage. — Naval Ravikant

The writer is the Faust of modern society, the only surviving individualist in a mass age. To his orthodox contemporaries he seems a semi-madman. — Boris Pasternak

I think ageing is challenging, surprising, fun, and full of friendship, so that is the approach I’ll take, objecting to the stigmatization of ageing in so many modern societies. — Martha C. Nussbaum

In the modern age where everything is connected to everything, the most important thing about what you can do is what you can do with others. — Paddy Ashdown

Family life is fragmenting in this modern age, but it’s up to all of us to keep it together. — Mary Berry

While clothes with pictures and/or writing on them are not entirely an invention of the modern age, they are an unpleasant indication of the general state of things. ... I mean, be realistic. If people don't want to listen to you, what makes you think they want to hear from your sweater? — Fran Lebowitz

Digital Technology Quotes

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Millennials expect to create a better future, using the collaborative power of digital technology. — Mal Fletcher

Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries. — Neville Brody

Many people see technology as the problem behind the so-called digital divide. Others see it as the solution. Technology is neither. It must operate in conjunction with business, economic, political and social system. — Carly Fiorina

Money is catching up to the technological trends transforming all aspects of society and business; entertainment, insurance, health-care, gaming, leisure, retail - all commercial and social verticals are going digital - including money itself. — Max Keiser

We invented the Chemputer to make chemistry universal with respect to digital programmability. This is why chemputation should have significant reach across science & technology. — Lee Cronin

It is dangerously destabilizing to have half the world on the cutting edge of technology while the other half struggles on the bare edge of survival. — William J. Clinton

Bitcoin is digital gold – growing harder, smarter, faster, & stronger due to the relentless progression of technology. — Michael Saylor

Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is threatened. — Brian Solis

More and more, job listings are exclusively available online and as technology evolves nearly every occupation now requires a basic level of digital literacy with web navigation, email access and participation in social media. — Michael K. Powell

The future of retail is the integration of Internet and digital services with the retail network. — Charles Dunstone

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Hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time, physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics. — Fritjof Capra

It worries me about our unwillingness to really address reforms and modernization in Medicare. This thing was designed 37 years ago. It has not evolved to keep pace with current medical technology. — John Sununu

The Cox Report documents a systematic, well-planned effort by the Chinese military at the highest levels to target and acquire technology for military modernization. — Charles Foster Bass

Bitcoin is the first software network capable of storing all the monetary energy in the world with no loss of power over time and negligible transmission loss. Assuming broad adoption, that would make it the most valuable invention of the modern era. Few understand this. — Michael Saylor

One wonders whether a generation that demands instant satisfaction of all its needs and instant solution of the world's problems will produce anything of lasting value. Such a generation, even when equipped with the most modern technology, will be essentially primitive it will stand in awe of nature, and submit to the tutelage of medicine men. — Eric Hoffer

The sun as the expression of old world energy is torn down from the heavens by modern man, who by virtue of his technological superiority creates his own energy source. — El Lissitzky

Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity. — Jacques Ellul

In their seminal work, 'The History of Science and Technology', Bunch and Hellemans compile a list of the 8,583 most important innovations and inventions in the history of science and technology. Physicist Jonathan Huebner analyzed all these events along with the years in which they happened and global population at that year, and measured the rate of occurrence of these events per year per capita since the Dark Ages. Huebner found that while the total number of innovations rose in the twentieth century, the number of innovations per capita peaked in the nineteenth century. A closer look at the innovations of the pre-1914 world lends support to Huebner's data. It is no exaggeration to say that our modern world was invented in the gold standard years preceding World War I. — Saifedean Ammous

Hatred can be nurtured anywhere, idealism can be perverted into sadism anywhere. If hatred and sadism combine with modern technology the inferno could erupt anew anywhere. — Simon Wiesenthal

Freedom without the strength to support it and, if need be, defend it, would be a cruel delusion. And the strength to defend freedom can itself only come from widespread industrialisation and the infusion of modern science and technology into the country's economic life. — Jamsetji Tata

Even with all our technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one big natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us that, here on Earth, we're still at the mercy of nature. — Neil deGrasse Tyson

In science it often happens that scientists say, "You know that's a really good argument; my position is mistaken..." — Carl Sagan

School has become the world religion of a modernized proletariat, and makes futile promises of salvation to the poor of the technological age. — Ivan Illich

People nowadays like to be together not in the old-fashioned way of, say, mingling on the piazza of an Italian Renaissance city, but, instead, huddled together in traffic jams, bus queues, on escalators and so on. It's a new kind of togetherness which may seem totally alien, but it's the togetherness of modern technology. — J. G. Ballard

Government is not using modern technology so much to modernize and improve services as it is to regulate, punish, collect taxes and keep an eye on us. They'd rather rule than serve. — James Cook

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology and yet have cleverly arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. — Carl Sagan

When the United States fought in Vietnam, it was organized modern technology versus organized human beings, and the human beings won. — Howard Zinn

Air pollution is not merely a nuisance and a threat to health. It is a reminder that our most celebrated technological achievements-the automobile, the jet plane, the power plant, industry in general, and indeed the modern city itself-are, in the environment, failures. — Barry Commoner

Take, therefore, what modern technology is capable of: the power of our moral sense allied to the power of communications and our ability to organize internationally.That, in my view, gives us the first opportunity as a community to fundamentally change the world. — Gordon Brown

It is baffling, I must say, that in our modern world we have such blind trust in science and technology that we all accept what science tells us about everything - until, that is, it comes to climate science. — Prince Charles

The evil of technology was not technology itself, Lindbergh came to see after the war, not in airplanes or the myriad contrivances of modern technical igenuity, but in the extent to which they can distance us from our better moral nature, or sense of personal accountability. — David McCullough

We are too prone to make technological instruments the scapegoats for the sins of those who wield them. The products of modern science are not in themselves good or bad; it is the way they are used that determines their value. — David Sarnoff

When we look at modern man, we have to face the fact...that modern man suffers from a kind of poverty of the spirit, which stands in glaring contrast to his scientific and technological abundance; We've learned to fly the air like birds, we've learned to swim the seas like fish, and yet we haven't learned to walk the Earth as brothers and sisters. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

With the help of modern technology, I can compose intricate keyboard parts and then I have to go back and learn them in order to perform them properly. — Geddy Lee

In the Middle Ages people took potions for their ailments. In the 19th century they took snake oil. Citizens of today's shiny, technological age are too modern for that. They take antioxidants and extract of cactus instead. — Charles Krauthammer

A typical triumph of modern science to find the only part of Randolph that was not malignant and remove it. — Evelyn Waugh

Pollution and overuse of resources stem directly from the failure of government to defend private property. If property rights were to be defended adequately, we would find that here, as in other areas of our economy and society, private enterprise and modern technology would come not as a curse to mankind but as its salvation. — Murray Rothbard

These modern means of communication are one reason why I recently opposed the Government's decision to grant MPs a new communications allowance. With new technology giving us the opportunity to communicate directly with voters very cheaply, why did Labour MPs vote for a £10,000 allowance to tell voters what a good job they do? — Theresa May

The moment of drifting into thought has been so clipped by modern technology. Our lives are filled with distraction with smartphones and all the rest. People are so locked into not being present. — Glen Hansard

What is peddled about nowadays as philosophy, especially that of N.S. [National Socialism], but has nothing to do with the inner truth and greatness of that movement [namely the encounter between global technology and modern humanity] is nothing but fishing in that troubled sea of values and totalities. — Martin Heidegger

Modern building has become so universally conditioned by optimized technology that the possibility of creating significant urban form has become extremely limited. — Kenneth Frampton

Modern science and technology can relieve men of the necessity for specialized, imbecile labor. They may, in principle, provide the basis for a rational social order based on free association and democratic control, if we have the will to create it. — Noam Chomsky

...the materialism of modern civilization is paradoxically founded on a hatred of materiality, a goal-oriented desire to obliterate all natural limits through technology, imposing an abstract grid over nature. — Alan Watts

I can't blame modern technology for my predilection for distraction, not after all the hours I've spent watching lost balloons disappear into the clouds. I did it before the Internet, and I'll do it after the apocalypse, assuming we still have helium and weak-gripped children. — Colson Whitehead

With the world's human population now at seven billion and growing, and the demand for technology and modern conveniences increasing, we can't control all our negative impacts. But we have to find better ways to live within the limits nature and its cycles impose. — David Suzuki

As the medieval mind blamed God for human suffering, so the modern mind blames 'the system' for the industrial blight and plague of technology. — Jennifer Stone

That many if not most people...who want fresh leafy greens in January buy them at the supermarket after they've been bleached and plastic-bag shipped from California or beyond is not a tribute to modern technology; it's an unprecedented abdication of personal responsibility and a ubiquitous benchmark of abnormality. — Joel Salatin

As the unity of the modern world becomes increasingly a technological rather than a social affair, the techniques of the arts provide the most valuable means of insight into the real direction of our own collective purposes. — Marshall McLuhan

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