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Picture quote by Buddha about maturity

Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situation that threaten your peace of mind, self respect, values, morals and self worth. ⏤ Buddha

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What are the best morals quotes? Best quotes about morals of all times. Some of the top sayings that are morals are here to read and remember. Access the best morals quotations. Top morals sayings on images and beautiful affirmations. Enjoy most famous quotes that are morals and bookmark favorite ones.

Morality is a private and costly luxury.

Henry Adams, historian

Bad company ruins good morals.


The biggest threat to our well-being is the absence of moral clarity and purpose.

Rick Shuman,

We become moral when we are unhappy.

Marcel Proust, author

The better one is morally the less aware they are of their virtue.

James A. Froude, historian

The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live.

Ayn Rand, writer

Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right.

Isaac Asimov, scientist

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi, activist

The more things a man is ashamed of, the more respectable he is.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

Politics have no relation to morals.

Niccolo Machiavelli, writer

What is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.

Ernest Hemingway, novelist

Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.

Ronald Reagan, president

Men are more moral than they think and far more immoral than they can imagine.

Sigmund Freud, psychologist

Morality comes with the sad wisdom of age, when the sense of curiosity has withered.

Graham Greene, playwright

What we call "morals" is simply blind obedience to words of command.

Havelock Ellis, psychologist

Don't let us make imaginary evils, when you know we have so many real ones to encounter.

Oliver Goldsmith, poet

The fatal trait of the times is the divorce between religion and morality.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet

Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it.

Lewis Carroll, author

Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.

Aristotle, philosopher

The essence of morality is the subjugation of nature in obedience to social needs.

John Morley, statesman

The higher the building the lower the morals.

Noel Coward, playwright

There's always the hyena of morality at the garden gate, and the real wolf at the end of the street.

D. H. Lawrence, novelist

We have in fact, two kinds of morality, side by side: one that we preach, but do not practice, and another that we practice, but seldom preach.

Bertrand Russell, philosopher

The great rule of moral conduct is next to God, respect time.

Johann Kaspar Lavater, theologian

To give a man full knowledge of morality, I would send him to no other book than the New Testament.

John Locke, philosopher

Morality is largely a matter of geography.

Elbert Hubbard, writer

Whenever you are to do a thing, though it can never be known but to yourself, ask yourself how you would act were all the world looking at you, and act accordingly.

Thomas Jefferson, president

Though sages may pour out their wisdom's treasure, there is no sterner moralist than pleasure.

Lord Byron, poet

Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

You can't, in sound morals, condemn a man for taking care of his own integrity. It is his clear duty.

Joseph Conrad, novelist

Morality is the theory that every human act must be either right or wrong, and that 99% of them are wrong.

H. L. Mencken, writer

I'm as pure as the driven slush.

Tallulah Bankhead, actress

The only immorality is not to do what one has to do when one has to do it.

Jean Anouilh, playwright

There is nothing so bad but it can masquerade as moral.

Walter Lippmann, journalist

Force always attracts men of low morality, and I believe it to be an invariable rule that tyrants of genius are succeeded by scoundrels.

Albert Einstein, physicist

In the ocean of baseness, the deeper we get, the easier the sinking.

James Russell Lowell, poet

The foundation of morality is to have done, once and for all, with lying

Thomas Henry Huxley, biologist

It is becoming clear that the old platitudes can no longer be maintained, and that if we wish to improve our morals we must first improve our knowledge.

Havelock Ellis, psychologist

Every man, in his own opinion, forms an exception to the ordinary rules of morality.

William Hazlitt, critic

Moral codes adjust themselves to environmental conditions.

Will Durant, historian

Morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated. Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless.

Martin Luther King, Jr., leader

We know no spectacle so ridiculous as the British public in one of its periodical fits of morality.

Thomas Babington Macaulay, poet

An Englishman thinks he is moral when he is only uncomfortable.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

A man who moralizes is usually a hypocrite, and a woman who moralizes is invariably plain.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

Morality is suspecting other people of not being legally married.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

Our whole life is startlingly moral. There is never an instant's truce between virtue and vice.

Henry David Thoreau, author

Morality is not the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but how we may make ourselves worthy of happiness.

Immanuel Kant, philosopher

It is safe to say that no other superstition is so detrimental to growth, so enervating and paralyzing to the minds and hearts of the people, as the superstition of Morality.

Emma Goldman, activist

Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a rolling it must increase.

Charles Caleb Colton, writer

Might was the measure of right.

F. L. Lucan,

So far, about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.

Ernest Hemingway, novelist

Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.

Karl Kraus, writer

Moral power is probably best when it is not used. The less you use it the more you have.

Andrew Young, clergyman

Morals are in all countries the result of legislation and government; they are not African or Asian or European: they are good or bad.

Denis Diderot, editor

I have never regarded politics as the arena of morals. It is the arena of interest.

Aneurin Bevan, politician

Compound for sins they are inclined to by damning those they have no mind to.

Samuel Butler, poet

It is far easier for a woman to lead a blameless life than it is for a man; all she has to do is to avoid sexual intercourse like the plague.

Angela Carter, novelist

A set of rules laid out by professionals to show the way they would like to act if it was profitable.

Frank Dane,

Physical deformity, calls forth our charity. But the infinite misfortune of moral deformity calls forth nothing but hatred and vengeance.

Clarence Darrow, lawyer

The quality of moral behaviour varies in inverse ratio to the number of human beings involved.

Aldous Huxley, novelist

Moralistic is not moral. And as for truth -- well, it's like brown -- it's not in the spectrum. Truth is so generic.

Iris Murdoch, author

Many people convince themselves if it is economically necessary, it's morally right. That's not always the case.


The new so called morality has too often the old immorality condoned.

Lord Shawcross,

Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale?

William Shakespeare, dramatist

Morals are private. Decency is public.

Rita Mae Brown, writer

We moralize among ruins.

Benjamin Disraeli, prime minister

Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales.

Aleister Crowley, critic

The very women who object to the morals of a notoriously beautiful actress, grow big with pride when an admirer suggests their marked resemblance to this stage beauty in physique.

Minna Antrim, writer

There is no such thing as morality or immorality in thought. There is immoral emotion.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

A moral lesson is better expressed in short sayings than in long discourse.

Johann Georg Zimmermann, writer

When we start deceiving ourselves into thinking not that we want something or need something, not that it is a pragmatic necessity for us to have it, but that it is a moral imperative that we have it, then is when we join the fashionable madmen, and then is when the thin whine of hysteria is heard in the land, and then is when we are in bad trouble.

Joan Didion, author

The moral virtues, then, are produced in us neither by nature nor against nature. Nature, indeed, prepares in us the ground for their reception, but their complete formation is the product of habit.

Aristotle, philosopher

Morality is the herd-instinct in the individual.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

No author can be as moral as his work and no preacher as pious as his sermons.

Jean Paul, author

Ah! How neatly tied, in these people, is the umbilical cord of morality! Since they left their mothers they have never sinned, have they? They are apostles, they are the descendants of priests; one can only wonder from what source they draw their indignation, and above all how much they have pocketed to do this, and in any case what it has done for them.

Antonin Artaud, dramatist

The essence of morality is a questioning about morality; and the decisive move of human life is to use ceaselessly all light to look for the origin of the opposition between good and evil.

Georges Bataille, writer

Morality is character and conduct such as is required by the circle or community in which the man's life happens to be placed. It shows how much good men require of us.

Henry Ward Beecher, clergyman

There is a perennial and unobtrusive view that morality consists in such things as telling the truth, paying one's debts, respecting one's parents and doing no voluntary harm to anyone. Those are all things easy to say and hard to do; they do not attract much attention, and win little honor in the world.

Allan Bloom, philosopher

Morality's not practical. Morality's a gesture. A complicated gesture learnt from books.

Robert Bolt, playwright

For morality life is a war, and the service of the highest is a sort of cosmic patriotism which also calls for volunteers.

William James, philosopher

I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby.

Barack Obama, president

While moral rules may be propounded by authority the fact that these were so propounded would not validate them.

Sir Alfred Jules Ayer,

The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.

Albert Einstein, physicist

Let's stand up. Let's speak with pride about our morals and our values and redouble our effort to elect more conservative Republicans.

Rick Perry, politician

The aim of morality is to give people a standard of action and a motive to work by which, they will not intensify each person's selfishness, but raise them up above it.

Cecil J. Sharpe,

There are some liberals eager to embrace a culture void of morals, but the majority of America is made up of honest, hard-working families who turned out in droves to protect the traditional way of life.

John Doolittle, politician

The person is always happy who is in the presence of something they cannot know in full. A person as advanced far in the study of morals who has mastered the difference between pride and vanity.

Sebastian Roch Nicolas Chamfort,

What is light without dark? Right without left? What is goodness without the option to be evil?

Harrison Christian,

I cannot believe that this country cannot come together around some values what these kids need is a moral life... the issue is not ideas, it is conduct. The real question is how we reach these young people morally, and what do we bring to them.

Robert Coles,

There are two principles of established acceptance in morals; first, that self-interest is the mainspring of all of our actions, and secondly, that utility is the test of their value.

Charles Caleb Colton, writer

Ordinary morality is only for ordinary people.

Aleister Crowley, critic

I have raised the morals and sobriety of the people.

James Larkin, activist

A man can do what he ought to do; and when he says he cannot, it is because he will not.


A woman can look both moral and exciting -- if she also looks as if it was quite a struggle.

Edna Ferber, novelist

It is almost systematically to constitute a natural moral law. Nature has no principles. She furnishes us with no reason to believe that human life is to be respected. Nature, in her indifference, makes no difference between right and wrong.

Anatole France, novelist

We may pretend that we're basically moral people who make mistakes, but the whole of history proves otherwise.

Terry Hands, dramatist

The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements,but moral acts: to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, 'I was wrong.'

Sydney J. Harris, journalist

Morality and expediency coincide more than the cynics allow.

Roy Hattersley, statesman

The terrible immoralities are the cunning ones hiding behind masks of morality, such as exploiting people while pretending to help them.

Vernon Howard, author

The end never really justifies the meanness.

E. Duane Hulse,

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