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I'm not afraid of death but I am afraid of dying. Pain can be alleviated by morphine but the pain of social ostracism cannot be taken away.

— Derek Jarman

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I hight don Quixote, I live on peyote, marijuana, morphine and cocaine.

I never know sadness, but only a madness that burns at the heart and the brain. I see each charwoman, ecstatic, inhuman, angelic, demonic, divine. Each wagon a dragon, each beer mug a flagon that brims with ambrosial wine.

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I was curious, given the swimming pools of booze I’ve guzzled over the years - not to mention all of the cocaine, morphine, sleeping pills, cough syrup, LSD, Rohypnol… there’s really no plausible medical reason why I should still be alive. Maybe my DNA could say why.

The word is a bouncing ball The ruler throws from his balcony.

The word has been a shot of morphine. Rulers calm their people with speeches.

When you’re in love, your brain secretes endorphins into your blood.

Organic morphine leaks out of a gland in your skull, feels like a low-grade opium rush. Some people confuse the two, the head rush and the love. You think you’re in love with a person, but you’re in love with a syringe.

Happiness is like the first blissful intoxication of morphine.It doesn't last very long.

My death will be caused by morphine, which I have deliberately taken with suicidal intent.

I feel that opiates - I include opium and all its derivatives, such as morphine, heroin, pantopon, etc. - are quite useless for any sort of creative work, useful though they may be for routine work. Much of the hard physical work in the Far East is done by opium addicts.

He was falling between glacial walls, he didn't know how anyone could fall so far away from everyone else in the world. So far to fall, so cold all the way, so steep and dark between those morphine-coloured walls.

Do you feel your best when your strung out on your morphine and meth?

He'd told her it was just a scratch and got cross when she hadn't offered morphine.

A little morphine in all the air. It would be wonderfully refreshing for everyone.

Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism.

When I came to Washington, I was troubled to observe so many similarities between the behaviors of drug-addicted patients and my political colleagues. In Washington power is like morphine.

There is an authentic biology of hope.

Belief and expectation - the key elements of hope - can block pain by releasing the brain's endorphins and enkephalins, mimicking the effects of morphine.

There are all sorts of things that would be comforting.

I expect an injection of morphine would be comforting... But to say that something is comforting is not to say that it's true.

My mother begged doctors to end her life.

She was beyond the physical ability to swallow enough of the weak morphine pills she had around her. When she knew she was dying I promised to make sure she could go at a time of her choosing, but it was impossible. I couldn't help.

I'm not afraid of death but I am afraid of dying.

I was becoming more cunning than an animal in hiding my supply of morphine.

A squirrel saving nuts is limited by its undeveloped imagination ... but I was not so handicapped. A squirrel, for example, is debarred from sending money to some greedy doctor or druggist and making arrangements to have a bit of powder sent each day by mail.

Cannabis, just like morphine, has its usage in medicine.

It's unpardonable that authorities forbid sick people access to this medicament and in majesty of law permit to sell cigarettes.

You must talk to me, Caravaggio. Or am I just a book? Something to be read, some creature to be tempted out of a loch and shot full of morphine, full of corridors, lies, loose vegetation, pockets of stones.

When I came to this country in 1958, to be a dying patient in a medical hospital was a nightmare. You were put in the last room, furthest away from the nurses' station. You were full of pain, but they wouldn't give you morphine. Nobody told you that you were full of cancer and that it was understandable that you had pain and needed medication.

I took a shot of morphine, liked it, and eventually became addicted.

It takes quite a while. It took me three months the first time. This nonsense of people becoming addicted with one shot is medically unsound.

[On her morphine addiction:] I was meant to 'taper off.

' At times I felt such pains as must afflict a creature while a bigger beast eats and claws at its middle. God-awful things were hiding underneath my bed, and it was no use telling me they were not there - I knew they were, and felt their dreadful ever-changing shapes.

The hallucinogens produce visionary states, sort of, but morphine and its derivatives decrease awareness of inner processes, thoughts and feelings. They are pain killers; pure and simple. They are absolutely contraindicated for creative work, and I include in the lot alcohol, morphine, barbiturates, tranquilizers the whole spectrum of sedative drugs.

She's no lady. Her songs are all unbelievably unhappy or lewd. It's called Blues. She sings about sore feet, sexual relations, baked goods, killing your lover, being broke, men called Daddy, women who dress like men, working, praying for rain. Jail and trains. Whiskey and morphine. She tells stories between verses and everyone in the place shouts out how true it all is.