quote by Chandra Shekhar Azad

If yet your blood does not rage, then it is water that flows in your veins. For what is the flush of youth, if it is not of service to the motherland.

— Chandra Shekhar Azad

Tremendous Motherland quotations

Even if I have to face death a thousand times for the sake of my Motherland, I shall not be sorry. Oh, Lord! Grant me a hundred births inIndia. But grant me this, too, that each time I may give up my life in the service of the Motherland.

Have a sense of pride in your motherland.

Just as your mother has given birth to you, so too the land has given birth to you.

The man who fights against his own country is never a hero.

We are for peace, but we accept the challenge of the enemy. We will protect our motherland.

I created a weapon to defend the borders of my motherland.

It's not my fault that it's being used where it shouldn't be. The politicians are more to blame for this.

To make revolution in Korea we must know Korean history and geography as well as the customs of the Korean people. Only then is it possible to educate our people in a way that suits them and to inspire in them an ardent love for their native place and their motherland.

By seizing the formerly little-known Height 102.

0 - the Mamayev Hill - the Red Army fought its way to the fascists' den - Berlin. We are proud to say that our victory in Stalingrad radically changed the whole situation in the Second World War. And this victory meant that our Motherland had withstood one of the most difficult tests in its history.

There is something that I have in common with every citizen of Russia, the love for our motherland.

My first day in Chicago, September 4, 1983.

I set foot in this city, and just walking down the street, it was like roots, like the motherland. I knew I belonged here.

Love for one's motherland is one of the most powerful and uplifting feelings.

It manifested itself in full in the brotherly support to the people of Crimea and Sevastopol, when they resolutely decided to return home, this event will remain a very important epoch in domestic history forever.

As we grew to love South Australia, we felt that we were in an expanding society, still feeling the bond to the motherland, but eager to develop a perfect society in the land of our adoption.

I loved my motherland dearly before I went to America and England.

After my return, every particle of dust of this land seems sacred to me.

I keep going back as if I'm looking for something I have lost.

Back to the motherland, sisterland, fatherland. Back to the beacon, the breast, the smell and taste of the breeze, and the singing of the rain.

The blood of my motherland waters a magic plant that cures all ills.

That plant is art, and sometimes art needs corruption as a kind of fertilizer

All I ever want is to return to either Bangladesh, my motherland, or India, my adopted home.

[Nationalism is] a set of beliefs taught to each generation in which the Motherland or the Fatherland is an object of veneration and becomes a burning cause for which one becomes willing to kill the children of other Motherlands or Fatherlands.

Tibet is a beautiful and richly endowed region of our great motherland.

As a female pilot, the sacred rose garden in my heart is the motherland's blue sky.

I am driven out of fatherlands and motherlands.

Thus I now love only my children's land, yet undiscovered, in the farthest sea; for this I bid my sails search and search.

Some black people want to get in touch with their African roots.

But then you got some black people that just don't give a damn. You tell them, 'Hey, I just got back from the motherland.' "They're like, 'Where'd you go - Detroit? Did you see The Temptations?'

We hear warmongering every day, every day we hear threats and attempts to scare us. [...] We don't want war and never wanted, but at that time [i.e. during Nagorno-Karabakh war] we had to defend our Motherland. If the time comes again, this time our blow will be final and deadly.

Hong Kong compatriots will surely display great love for the motherland and for Hong Kong and take it as their utmost honor to maintain long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and safeguard the fundamental interests of the country.

India was the motherland of our race and Samskrit the mother of Europe 's languages...Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.

Thank you for the confidence put in my by the motherland and the people, for giving me this chance to represent China's millions of women by going into space.

Perfidy and brutal force thwarted opportunities for calling President Wilson's Arbitral Award to life. Nevertheless, its significance is not to be underestimated: through that decision the aspiration of the Armenian people for the lost Motherland had obtained vital and legal force.

I am grateful to the motherland and the people.

I feel honored to fly into space on behalf of hundreds of millions of female Chinese citizens.

Russia is an ancient country with historical, profound traditions and a very powerful moral foundation. And this foundation is a love for the Motherland and patriotism. Patriotism in the best sense of that word. Incidentally, I think that to a certain extent, to a significant extent, this is also attributable to the American people.

India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.

I don't read books by people who have betrayed the Motherland.

I made it to protect the motherland.

I went to South Africa - Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg - and those were definitely the "I've arrived" shows. Outside of the money, the success, the accolades ... This is a place that we, in urban communities, never dream of. We never dream of Africa. Like, "Damn, this is the motherland." You feel it as soon as you touch down. That moment changed my whole perspective on how to convey my art.

I am proud of Russia and I am sure that the vast majority of Russian citizens have great love and respect for their Motherland. We have much to be proud of: Russian culture and Russian history. We have every reason to believe in the future of our country. But we have no obsession that Russia must be a super power in the international arena. The only thing we do is protecting our vital interests.

The Chinese government would yield to the pressure from its people: it would be forced to give orders to fight - to defend its motherland!

Putin stands for the opposite of a universal ideology;

he has become an arch-nationalist of a pre-Cold War type, making mystic appeals to motherland and religion.