quote by Isidor Isaac Rabi

It was eerie. I saw myself in that machine. I never thought my work would come to this.

— Isidor Isaac Rabi

Astounding Mri quotations

It was eerie. I saw myself in that machine. I never thought my work would come to this. Upon seeing a distorted image of his face, reflected on the inside cylindrical surface of the bore while inside an MRI (magnetic-resonance-imaging) machine-a device made possible by his early physical researches on nuclear magnetic resonance (1938).

If we can afford it, I personally think we should keep giving people MRIs a lot, so we can spot everything early. Our taxes should keep going towards healthcare so that people can be getting scanned regularly and checked over regularly.

Politicians detest self-sufficient citizens.

Politicians need to be needed. When we get socialized medicine, you will be completely dependent upon politicians for your medical care, as Canadians are today. That's why if you need an MRI in Canada, you have to wait three months - unless you pay certain kinds of homage to the right politicians.

So we took out those 3 root canals when she had 3-6 months to live.

And that was 6 years ago, and she is still alive today, and MRI can't find the tumour anymore. It went away.

By the end of the shoot [of Wrestler], my trainer was pushing me up three flights of stairs to my house and holding my arm like I was an old cripple. I had three MRIs in the first two months of working on the film. I felt like it really was over by the time we started shooting the movie.

I joke, but I only half joke, that if you come to one of our hospitals missing a limb, no one will believe you till they get a CAT scan, MRI or orthopedic consult.

There are things that you can do today that, years ago, there was nothing.

The community today needs to know that with MRI and the current medications the view is good.

I'm going to get an MRI to find out whether I have claustrophobia.

When I was a runner and competing in triathlons I was having pains in my hip and just treating it as an injury. I would ice it and take anti-inflammatories, but it just wouldn't go away. I finally went into my doctor and we did x-rays and had an MRI and diagnosed it as osteoarthritis. At that point I stopped doing anything that was impactful to my hip joints.

Options other than mastectomy include high risk surveillance and risk reduction.

Surveillance is a combination of monthly self breast exam, annual mammography and whole breast screening ultrasound, annual breast MRI, and biannual clinical breast exam.