quote by Harold Wilson

It is quite clear to me that the Tory Party will get rid of Mrs Thatcher in about 3 years time.

— Harold Wilson

Revealing Mrs Thatcher quotations

Like Marxism, Thatcherism is, in fact, riddled with contradictions.

Mrs. Thatcher, on the other hand, is free of doubt; she is the label on the can of worms.

Mrs Thatcher was not lightly bullied.

I believe Mrs. Thatcher's emphasis on enterprise was right.

The state owned monopolies are among the greatest millstones round the neck of the economy. Liberals must stress at all times the virtues of the market, not only for efficiency but to enable the widest possible choice. Much of what Mrs Thatcher and Sir Keith Joseph say and do is in the mainstream of liberal philosophy.

Mrs Thatcher tells us she has given the French President a piece of her mind.

.. not a gift I would receive with alacrity.

Paddy Ashdown is the only party leader who's a trained killer.

Although, to be fair, Mrs Thatcher was self taught.

So all the system was running down and collapsing.

Mrs. Thatcher became the leader of the Conservative Party in February 1975, and she clearly wanted to strike out and do something different.

In the time of Mrs Thatcher the church, to give it its due, spoke out and was an enemy of the Conservative government.

So all the system was running down and collapsing.

Mrs. Thatcher became the leader of the Conservative Party in February 1975, and she clearly wanted to strike out and do something different.

Certainly we must combine forces . South African troops are within the country.We raised this matter with Mrs [Margaret] Thatcher and Lord [Peter] Carrington when we met them and we wanted to get from them a definite commitment that they were going to get the South African troops out.

I was doing an interview with Charlie Rose and he said, "What do you think about Margaret Thatcher?" - and I had not heard she had died at this point - and he said, "Is there any kind of Shakespearian overtone here?" I said, "Well, actually, Julius Caesar, because ever if a politician was stabbed in the back, it was Mrs. Thatcher, by all her conspiratorial cabinet, which really did just stab her in the back." It's a rather interesting resonance.

By the time I came of age and, indeed, Margaret Thatcher became prime minister, I had seen the entire William Shakespeare canon, which, in those days, you were quite able to do. Now, it's a much harder thing. Mrs. Thatcher was really axing public subsidy for the arts.

I will get into trouble, I am sure, because since my Kate Middleton speech and before, certain papers were after me. I am not saying, however, that it would have been moral or right to assassinate Mrs. [Margaret] Thatcher, but I know it will be read that way. I know it will cause a problem.

Mrs Thatcher requires devotion as well as obedience.

Mrs. Thatcher responded to our liberation of Grenada with the sounds of a somewhat hypersensitive Neville Chamberlain.

I grew up in a very political household. My mum used to shout at the television. At Mrs. Thatcher.

Can you suggest any suitable aspersions to spread abroad about Mrs.

Thatcher? It is idle to suggest she has unnatural relations with Mrs. Barbara Castle; what is needed is something socially lower: that she eats asparagus with knife and fork, or serves instant mash potatoes.

[On being asked how many Mrs. Thatchers there were:] Oh, three at least. There is the intellectual one, the intuitive one and the one at home.

In London - and forget those extra public pressures on politicians - the lovely old Sloane world of manor houses simply hasn't cut it since Big Bang in 1986, the point at which Mrs. Thatcher really started to achieve her ambition to make this country more like America - its ambition, economy, it's very tangible measures of success.

Everyone wants to be immortal. Few are. Margaret Thatcher is. Why? Because her values are timeless, eternal. Tap anyone on the shoulder anywhere in the world, and ask what Mrs Thatcher believed in, and they will tell you. They can give a clear answer to what she 'stood for.

She is a reflection of comfortable middle-class values that do not take seriously the continuing unemployment. What I particularly regret is that she does not take seriously the intellectual decline. Having given up the Empire and the mass production of industrial goods, Britain's future lay in its scientific and artistic pre-eminence. Mrs Thatcher will be long remembered for the damage she has done.

I think Mrs Thatcher did more damage to democracy, equality, internationalism, civil liberties, freedom in this country than any other Prime Minister this century. When the euphoria surrounding her departure subsides you will find that in a year or two's time there will not be a Tory who admits ever supporting her. People in the street will say, thank God she's gone