People say to me, 'The Chinese, of course, they'll never get themselves involved in multilateral peace-making around the world.' Oh yes? Why not? How many Chinese troops are ... serving under the U.N. command in the world today? 3,700. How many Americans? 11.
— Paddy Ashdown

I want to move to a world of no nuclear weapons but I want to do that through multilateral disarmament so that we all disarm together.
Ed Miliband multilateral quote

We must put together countries that produce drugs, countries that traffic, and countries that consume, and through this multilateral effort really stop the growing of crime.
— Vicente Fox

So the president set out the policy guidance and said it had to take place in a multilateral fashion so that other countries in the region could be invested in the success of this process.
— Mitchell Reiss

Like Canada, we very much wanted the United Nations to be a relevant and effective body. But once those efforts failed, we no longer saw things from a multilateral perspective. For us, now, it is much more basic than that. It is about family.
— multilateral quotation by Paul Cellucci