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The Most Famous Mutual Fund Quotes (Best in 2024)

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Mutual funds have historically offered safety and diversification. And they spare you the responsibility of picking individual stocks. — Ron Chernow

The mutual fund industry has been built, in a sense, on witchcraft. — John C. Bogle

Surprise! The returns reported by mutual funds aren't actually earned by mutual fund investors. — John C. Bogle

It's the company itself, but most of these mutual fund companies, the guy who runs the company is just a fact totem and the guy who runs the money is the power. But we really don't know who they are. — Jim Cramer

I don't think that a mutual fund that invests exclusively in biotech start-ups or invests exclusively in companies in Thailand offers any great safety or diversification. — Ron Chernow

The Efficient Markets Hypothesis fails because humans are herd animals, not independent rational actors. Thus the best investors tend to be antisocial and contrarian. — Naval Ravikant

I should mention that I am a member of the board of directors of Dimensional Fund Advisors. — Merton Miller

Index funds eliminate the risks of individual stocks, market sectors, and manager selection. Only stock market risk remains. — John C. Bogle

A good portfolio is more than a long list of good stocks and bonds. It is a balanced whole, providing the investor with protections and opportunities with respect to a wide range of contingencies. — Harry Markowitz

In investing, just as in baseball, to put runs on the scoreboard, one must watch the playing field, not the scoreboard. — Warren Buffett

Short Mutual Fund Quotes

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  • The principal role of the mutual fund is to serve its investors. — John C. Bogle
  • The corporate killer downsizing is directly responsive to what the mutual funds have wanted. — Jim Cramer
  • If mutual fund directors are independent, then I'm the lead character in the Bolshoi Ballet. — Charlie Munger
  • Mutual fund manager performance does not persist and the return of stock picking is zero. — William J. Bernstein
  • Most of the mutual fund investments I have are index funds, approximately 75%. — Charles R. Schwab
  • Mutual funds are an overrated investment heavily promoted by Wall Street. — Peter Schiff
  • I just don't like mutual funds. I think they're a rip-off. — Robert Kiyosaki
  • Index funds are the only rational alternative for almost all mutual fund investors. — Mark Hulbert
  • Brokerage firms don't sell customers stock so much as they sell those horrible mutual funds — Michael Steinhardt
Mutual fund quote If the feelings are mutual, the effort will be equal.
If the feelings are mutual, the effort will be equal.

Investment Management Quotes

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Understanding and dealing correctly with the trade-off between risk and return is a fundamental, but poorly understood, challenge faced by all gamblers and investors. — Edward O. Thorp

We do not generally use margin leverage in our investment strategy. — Bill Ackman

To beat the market, focus on investments well within your knowledge and ability to evaluate, your 'circle of competence'. — Edward O. Thorp

Mutual fund quote We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone wh
We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

We invest generally in very good companies that have lost their way. And with better management, enormous value can be created. — Bill Ackman

In MBIA...we were short for seven years before the stock went from $73 to $3. — Bill Ackman

Mutual fund quote

Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it. — Benjamin Graham

Mutual fund quote

Never ask a barber if you need a haircut. — Warren Buffett

An investment business has certain risks, and your job as an investor is not to eliminate all risks but to manage and minimize them. — Naved Abdali

Ain't only three things to gambling: knowing the 60-40 end of the proposition, money management, and knowing yourself. — Puggy Pearson

After living with their dysfunctional behavior for so many years, people become invested in defending their dysfunctions rather than changing them. — Marshall Goldsmith

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More Mutual Fund Quotes

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How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or savings accounts? Income property is the most historically proven asset class in America, if not the entire world. I rest my case. — Jason Hartman

I've not found ! one single mutual fund, one single real estate investment, any gold, silver or anything else that has given me higher returns than: me investing in myself. — Patrick Bet-David

We need a mutual fund industry with both vision and values; a vision of fiduciary duty and shareholder service, and values rooted in the proven principles of long-term investing and of trusteeship that demands integrity in serving our clients. — John C. Bogle

Most active mutual funds are more interested in collecting fees than in boosting returns for investors. — David F. Swensen

I talk to hundreds of companies a year and spend hour after hour in heady pow-wows with CEOs, financial analysts and my colleagues in the mutual-fund business, but I stumble onto the big winners in extracurricular situations, the same way you do. — Peter Lynch

In the long run, a portfolio of well chosen stocks and/or equity mutual funds will always outperform a portfolio of bonds or a money-market account. In the long run, a portfolio of poorly chosen stocks won't outperform the money left under the mattress. — Peter Lynch

The best argument for mutual funds is that they offer safety and diversification. But they don't necessarily offer safety and diversification. — Ron Chernow

The mutual fund industry and small investors are very relentless and very unforgiving if people don't perform. — Ron Chernow

Everyone has the brainpower to make money in stocks. Not everyone has the stomach. If you are susceptible to selling everything in a panic, you ought to avoid stocks and mutual funds altogether. — Peter Lynch

Mutual funds were created to make investing easy, so consumers wouldn't have to be burdened with picking individual stocks. — Scott Cook

Mutual funds were created to make investing easy, so consumers wouldn't have to be burdened with picking individual stocks. — Scott D. Cook

If you have the stomach for stocks, but neither the time nor the inclination to do the homework, invest in equity mutual funds. — Peter Lynch

There are tons of people who are late to trends by nature and adopt a trend after it's no longer in fashion. They exist in mutual funds. They exist in clothes. They exist in cars. They exist in lifestyles. — Jim Cramer

At first, the only thing that I learned was to save. Then I learned about mutual fund, then later on direct stock investments. I also went into small businesses and even real estate. — Bo Sanchez

Where I'm from we don't trust paper. Wealth is what's here on the premises. If I open a cupboard and see, say, thirty cans of tomato sauce and a five-pound bag of rice, I get a little thrill of well-being - much more so than if I take a look at the quarterly dividend report from my mutual fund. — Garrison Keillor

If you hope to have more money tomorrow than you have today, you've got to put a chunk of your assets into stocks. Sooner or later, a portfolio of stocks or stock mutual funds will turn out to be a lot more valuable than a portfolio of bonds or CDs or money-market funds. — Peter Lynch

Equity mutual funds are the perfect solution for people who want to own stocks without doing their own research. — Peter Lynch

True love is unconditional. And if it is a 'Conditions Apply' scenari, then it isn't true love. It is as good as a mutual fund. — Ravinder Singh

I have become increasingly convinced that the past records of mutual fund managers are essentially worthless in predicting future success. The few examples of consistently superior performance occur no more frequently than can be expected by chance. — Burton Malkiel

There's accountability in the mutual fund industry. And they've been tremendous engines of wealth for people and they're going to continue to be so. — Jim Cramer

Many financial advisors recommend that you diversify for your own protection. What they fail to tell you is that it is also for their protection. Since most financial advisors cannot tell you exactly which stock or mutual fund is a great investment, they tell you to buy a bunch of them. — Robert Kiyosaki

Ex-Fidelity mutual fund manager Peter Lynch was certainly brilliant in one respect: he knew to get out when the gettin was good. — Bill Gross

Wall Street, with its army of brokers, analysts, and advisers funneling trillions of dollars into mutual funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds, is an elaborate fraud. — Michael Lewis

Yes, the investor is often his own worst enemy. Yes, the marketing colossus known as the mutual fund industry provides the weaponry which enables investors to indulge their suicidal instincts. No, the fund industry was hardly an innocent bystander in the market boom and the subsequent carnage. "We have met the enemy and he is us"... all of us. — John C. Bogle

Mutual funds give people the sense that they're investing with the big boys and that they're really not at a disadvantage entering the stock market. — Ron Chernow

If you don't like the idea that most of the money spent on lottery tickets supports government programs, you should know that most of the earnings from mutual funds support investment advisors' and mutual fund managers' retirement. — Robert Kiyosaki

Many novice real estate investors soon quit the profession and invest in a well-diversified portfolio of bonds. That's because, when you invest in real estate, you often see a side of humanity that stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and saving money shelter you from. — Robert Kiyosaki

And I think the more money you put in people's hands, the more they will spend. And if they don't spend it, they invest it. And investing it is another way of creating jobs. It puts money into mutual funds or other kinds of banks that can go out and make loans, and we need to do that. — Michael Bloomberg

I think you'll do as well as most professionals. Most professionals don't beat the market. Let's not over-rate my industry. But if you have time, you can be in good mutual funds that have good records. — Jim Cramer

The mutual fund industry provided the money for Intel and Motorola and Hewlett-Packard to crush the competitors. — Jim Cramer

I think those who invest in mutual funds want someone else to do the thinking for them. But the fact that they can move the money around the family of mutual funds just through a phone call lets them feel that they can play tycoons. — Ron Chernow

Mutual fund managers are trapped in this rather deadly vicious circle: the more successful they are, the more money flows into their mutual fund. Then, it is more difficult for them to beat the market averages or even to match their own past performance. — Ron Chernow

Without getting into brothels, there are ethical capitalists the problem is that there aren't enough of them. It is not "just a few bad apples" that have been evident in our corporations, our investment bankers and our mutual funds, but so many that one has to concede that the barrel itself needs some work. — John C. Bogle

Women tend to have a better track record in investing - when they invest - than men do, because they tend to take a longer-term perspective. They tend to trade less. They tend to shift in and out of stocks or mutual funds less often. — Sallie Krawcheck

[A] major source of wealth for many families is financial assets, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and private pensions. ...the wealthiest 5 percent of households held nearly two-thirds of all such assets in 2013 — Janet Yellen

There is no reason to feel any shame in hiring someone to pick stocks or mutual funds for you. But there's one responsibility that you must never delegate. You, and no one but you, must investigate whether an adviser is trustworthy and charges reasonable fees. — Benjamin Graham

Affected hundreds of thousands of ordinary Canadians who have invested in mutual funds that invest in income trusts. — Ralph Goodale

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