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Perseverance is my motto.

— Madam C. J. Walker

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In an honest service there is thin commons, low wages, and hard labor;

in this, plenty and satiety, pleasure and ease, liberty and power; and who would not balance creditor on this side, when all the hazard that is run for it, at worst, is only a sour look or two at choking. No, a merry life and a short one, shall be my motto.

My motto was always to keep swinging.

Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.

My God is none other than the people.

Only the popular masses are omniscient and omnipotent and almighty on earth. Therefore my lifetime motto is: "The people are my God."

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

My motto is: feel the fear and do it anyway.

My motto - sans limites.

[On amassing art for her collection:] My motto was 'Buy a picture a day' and I lived up to it.

My motto in life is that nothing is impossible, no target unachievable - one just has to try harder and harder.

My motto is, 'When in doubt, shoot the ball'.

My motto is: Contented with little, yet wishing for more.

Public service is my motto.

Forward momentum. That's my new motto. No regrets. And no going back.

A merry life and a short one shall be my motto.

My motto is water off a duck's back. Meaning: don't let negativity weigh you down, perpetuate positive thinking.

My motto is: I'm alive, so that means I can do anything.

A hole is a hole has always been my motto.

I tend to follow a very nocturnal sort of existence mainly because I don't much care for sunlight. Bright colors of any kind depress me, in fact. And my moods are more or less inversely related to the clarity of the sky, on any given day.... my private motto has always been that behind every silver lining there is a cloud.

When a young man, I read somewhere the following: God the Almighty said, 'All that is too complex is unnecessary, and it is simple that is needed.' So this has been my lifetime motto – I have been creating weapons to defend the borders of my fatherland, to be simple and reliable.

Concentration is my motto -- first honesty, then industry, then concentration.

I stay cool, and dig all jive, That's the way I stay alive.

My motto, as I live and learn, is Dig and be dug In return.

So I say, “Live and let live.” That’s my motto. “Live and let live.” And anyone who can’t go along with that, take him outside and shoot the motherfucker. It’s a simple philosophy, but it’s always worked in our family.

That's my motto. That's what I stand by. That's what I believe in. Just continue to tell yourself 'why not?' Continue to strive and make the right play to help your team win.

My motto is, you have to get in a sport a day.

My motto is, 'What's the hurry?' I'm trying to get it across to the modern world that we need to sit around and think a little bit more.

I have encountered riotous mobs and have been hung in effigy, but my motto is: Men's rights are nothing more. Women's rights are nothing less.

Oh, that I could spend every moment of my life to God's glory!

My name, the McGregor name, my family's motto .

.. means royal is in my blood. That goes way back. So for [Aldo] to say he is the king and I am the joker, if this was a different time, I would invade his favela on horseback and kill anyone that was not fit to work. But we are in a new time. So I'll whoop his ass in July.

My motto is: Live every day to the fullest - in moderation.

My motto in life is 'if you give 100 per cent then no one can ask any more'.

My motto is strong packaging, clear addressing.

My motto is very personal and may not fit anyone else or any other company.

It is: Don't do anything that someone else can do. Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible.

I want war. To me all means will be right. My motto is not "Don't, whatever you do, annoy the enemy." My motto is "Destroy him by all and any means." I am the one who will wage the war!

Don’t wait to be hunted to hide, that was always my motto.

My dream was to go to Nashville. I had my sights set on my dream. I used to have an '89 Toyota Ford truck. On the front of the truck, I had this license plate with cowboy boots and a guitar that I had airbrushed at Wal-Mart. It said 'Chasin' A Dream.' That was kind of my motto.

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