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Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.

Joseph Campbell, author

Myths are stories that express meaning, morality or motivation. Whether they are true or not is irrelevant.

Michael Shermer, writer

Myths which are believed in tend to become true.

George Orwell, author

Sometimes legends make reality, and become more useful than the facts.

Salman Rushdie, novelist

Myth is neither a lie nor a confession: it is an inflexion.

Roland Barthes, critic

Myth is an attempt to narrate a whole human experience, of which the purpose is too deep, going too deep in the blood and soul, for mental explanation or description.

D. H. Lawrence, novelist

It is a myth, not a mandate, a fable not a logic, and symbol rather than a reason by which men are moved.

Irwin Edman,

A myth is a religion in which no one any longer believes.

James Feibleman,

I therefore claim to show, not how men think in myths, but how myths operate in men's minds without their being aware of the fact.

Claude LeviStrauss,

He said myths and mythology wasn't to give meaning to life but to give us an experience of life, an experience of vitality in being alive.

Joseph Campbell, author

It is a sure sign that a culture has reached a dead end when it is no longer intrigued by its myths.

Greil Marcus, author

Myths and creeds are heroic struggles to comprehend the truth in the world.

Ansel Adams, photographer

Mythologies, in other words, mythologies and religions are great poems and, when recognized as such, point infallibly through things and events to the ubiquity of a

Joseph Campbell, author

I don't care what people's myths are about me.

Kelly Lynch, actress

Our invisibility is the essence of our oppression. And until we eliminate that invisibility, people are going to be able to perpetuate the lies and myths about gay people.

Jean O'Leary, activist

The dogma of woman's complete historical subjection to men must be rated as one of the most fantastic myths ever created by the human mind.

Mary Ritter Beard, historian

If our titles recall the known myths of antiquity, we have used them again because they are the eternal symbols upon which we must fall back to express basic psychological ideas.

Mark Rothko, artist

The myths have always condemned those who "looked back." Condemned them, whatever the paradise may have been which they were leaving. Hence this shadow over each departure from your decision.

Dag Hammarskjold, diplomat

I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?

John Lennon, musician

There are a lot of myths about my injuries. They say I have broken every bone in my body. Not true. But I have broken 35 bones. I had surgery 14 times to pin and plate. I shattered my pelvis. I forget all of the things that have broke.

Evel Knievel, entertainer

The ancient Greeks have a knack of wrapping truths in myths.

George Lloyd, composer

When we lose our myths we lose our place in the universe.

Madeleine L'Engle, novelist

I liked Latin, I like languages, I liked all the myths, and the Roman tales that we were required to translate in Latin, and all these interesting people who were never quite what they thought they would be or seemed to be.

Suzanne Farrell, dancer

But the West did not last long enough. Its folk myths and heroes became stage properties of Hollywood before the poets had begun to get to work on them.

Christopher Dawson, writer

But because we live in an age of science, we have a preoccupation with corroborating our myths.

Michael Shermer, writer

The myths underlying our culture and underlying our common sense have not taught us to feel identical with the universe, but only parts of it, only in it, only confronting it - aliens.

Alan Watts, philosopher

I am attracted to myths.

Tina Turner, musician

Because of my Marxism, I was not into myths or miracles, whether it was the virgin birth, the physical resurrection or casting out demons from an epileptic.

Lionel Blue, clergyman

So certainly, if we can tell evil stories to make people sick, we can also tell good myths that make them well.

Rainer W. Fassbinder,

The more real things get, the more like myths they become.

Rainer W. Fassbinder,

On The Practice, I get to do what I love to do, and I am making a contribution that will, in the end, help raise social consciousness, dispel some of the myths about being large, and change the way that people view and interact with large people.

Camryn Manheim, actress

I think there are a lot of myths about MS, and it may have affected my career.

Teri Garr, actress

I've always believed that the facts about dancing are more interesting than the myths, and this was a great chance for me to explore how the human body does such incredible things.

Deborah Bull, dancer

The myths connected with individual sanctuaries and ceremonies were merely part of the apparatus of the worship; they served to excite the fancy and sustain the interest of the worshipper... no one cared what he believed about its origin.

William Robertson Smith, scientist

As I detail in my new book: 'Hard Measures, How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives,' there are many myths surrounding the detention of a relatively small number of top terrorists at CIA-run 'black sites' from 2002 until they were sent to Guantanamo Bay in 2006.

Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr., public servant

I want to clear up a few myths about myself. People have written that I was a kindergarten teacher and a former Miss Texas, and neither is true.

Krista Allen, actress

Myths grow all the time. If I was to listen to the number of times I've thrown teacups then we've gone through some crockery in this place. It's completely exaggerated, but I don't like people arguing back with me.

Alex Ferguson, coach

The poets were not alone in sanctioning myths, for long before the poets the states and the lawmakers had sanctioned them as a useful expedient. They needed to control the people by superstitious fears, and these cannot be aroused without myths and marvels.

Mikhail Strabo,

Myths and legends die hard in America. We love them for the extra dimension they provide, the illusion of near-infinite possibility to erase the narrow confines of most men's reality. Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of the rat race is not yet final.

Hunter S. Thompson, journalist

Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic fantasies. To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing. The child mind accepts and believes them, and only through great pain and perhaps tragedy can he be in after years relieved of them.

Hypatia, philosopher

The enormous success of 2009's 'The Blind Side,' in which Sandra Bullock makes a black teenager one of the family, demonstrates that America isn't post-racial. It is thoroughly mired in race - the myths that surround it, the guilt it inspires, the discomfort it causes, the struggle to transcend it.

Wesley Morris, critic

Both dreams and myths are important communications from ourselves to ourselves. If we do not understand the language in which they are written, we miss a great deal of what we know and tell ourselves in those hours when we are not busy manipulating the outside world.

Erich Fromm, psychologist

If you dream the proper dreams, and share the myths with people, they will want to grow up to be like you.

Ray Bradbury, writer

Old myths, old gods, old heroes have never died. They are only sleeping at the bottom of our mind, waiting for our call. We have need for them. They represent the wisdom of our race.

Stanley Kunitz, poet

All myths that are something more than fancies gain rather than lose in value with time, by reason of the accretions of human experience.

Richard Le Gallienne, poet

All the great things have been denied and we live in an intricacy of new and local mythologies, political, economic, poetic, which are asserted with an ever-enlarging incoherence.

Wallace Stevens, poet

One may as well preach a respectable mythology as anything else.

Mrs. Humphrey Ward,

Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression.

Barbra Streisand, actress

I decided to write about the myths of divorce.

Mary Garden,

All my stories are like the Greek and Roman myths, and the Egyptian myths, and the Old and New Testament.

Ray Bradbury, writer

Myth is the hidden part of every story, the buried part, the region that is still unexplored because there are as yet no words to enable us to get there. Myth is nourished by silence as well as by words.

Italo Calvino, journalist

There is nothing truer than myth: history, in its attempt to realize myth, distorts it, stops halfway; when history claims to have succeeded, this is nothing but humbug and mystification. Everything we dream is realizable. Reality does not have to be: it is simply what it is.

Eugene Ionesco, dramatist

The primary function of myth is to validate an existing social order. Myth enshrines conservative social values, raising tradition on a pedestal. It expresses and confirms, rather than explains or questions, the sources of cultural attitudes and values. Because myth anchors the present in the past it is a sociological charter for a future society which is an exact replica of the present one.

Ann Oakley, sociologist

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