quote by Peter Lerangis

I'll sue!" Ian sputtered. "I'll sue you AND the dog. And the country of South Korea. And...and..." "The landscape architect?" Natalie asked. "The landscape architect!" Ian shouted.

— Peter Lerangis

Provocative Natalie quotations

The other problem in my life is Dimitri.

He's the one who killed Natalie, and he's a total badass. He's also pretty good-looking. Okay—more than good-looking. He's hot—like, the kind of hot that makes you stop walking on the street and get hit by traffic.

I've always wanted to be a Meryl Streep or a Natalie Portman.

I want to do all kinds of different movies, to be a chameleon. I don't want to limit myself.

Natalie from the Dixie Chicks could have said what she said before 9-11 and no one would have cared.

Motivational Natalie Portman Quotes and Sayings

I was shooting a scene in my new film, No Strings Attached, in which I say to Natalie Portman, “If you miss me. you can’t text, you can’t email, you can’t post it on my Facebook wall. If you really miss me, you come and see me.

I've always wanted to play Maria in West Side Story.

My idol is Natalie Wood, and I love the movie, so I think a modern-day twist on it would be really neat.

I'm going to try to pull a Natalie Portman.

Natalie went to Harvard while shooting 'Star Wars'. I don't know how she did it. I want to have lunch with her and ask her - that seems like a bunch of stress right there.

I'd like to be played as a child by Natalie Wood.

I'd have some romantic scenes as Audrey Hepburn and have gritty black-and-white scenes as Patricia Neal.

Natalie's estate is handled by Global Icons, and they police the world so her picture isn't on a T-shirt or coffee cup unless we approve of it.

If I could choose, I would say [I would like to be filming with] Natalie Portman and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Natalie Spenser was giving a dinner. She was not an easy hostess.

Even if Scrabble had been invented then, I wouldn't have wanted to play Scrabble, because the highest triple word score in the world would not have expressed how much I liked the game Natalie and I played every afternoon.

When you cast someone like Natalie Portman, the character can't just be the love interest.

My only real daydreamy casting over the years has been Natalie Portman for Denna. She's an amazing actress, and Denna is going to be one of the hardest characters to pull off.

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Hucka-BS is attacking actress Natalie Portman for getting pregnant without being married. It could get a little awkward if he runs into Sarah and Bristol Palin at Fox News.

For a fact, the Christians stole Christmas.

We don't mind sharing it with them, but we don't like this pretense of theirs that it is the birthday of Jesus. It is the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun-Dies Natalis Invicti Solis. Christmas is a relic of sun worship.

I did a lot of research on villains, and guys who start behaving nefariously didn't start out as bad people. My research indicates that all of these people were scorned and hurt by love. Darth Vader didn't start off as a bad guy. He was a good guy. Only when Natalie Portman betrayed him, did he go to the dark side.

I don't like weak women and I don't find it interesting to play them.

I'm inspired by them, when I see them in dramas, like with Natalie Portman, in almost every movie she's in. It's awesome that chicks can really go there, and it's beautiful to watch, but I don't think I'm interested, in any way, shape or form, in embodying those creatures.

One of the things that's troubling is that people see Natalie Portman or some other Hollywood starlet who boasts of, hey look, you know, we're having children. We're not married, but we are having these children and they're doing just fine. And I think it gives a distorted image that, yes, not everybody hires nannies and caretakers and nurses.

For those of you who don't know who I am, I played Natalie on The Facts of Life.

I really love Natalie Portman; she's the real deal.

When I appear onstage, that's my departure from Momhood - and I transform into Natalie MacMaster: the entertainer, the fiddler, the performer.

I get all these screenplays that start 'Tawnya is in the shower.

The water streams down her naked, perky breasts'. I don't think this is happening to Natalie Portman.

Natalie Lyalin is writing some of the best poems in the world.

There is an evil in her gorgeous poem-hearts. She must have sold her heart to the devil to write like this—so beautiful, so funny and so strange. Her images stack and stack down the page without spilling, each line such a bombshell you'll start reading backward to the first line. These poems are like babies—they will pop out of trees.

I'm going to continue working as a model.

I want to do it all! And I think it's possible to keep working while you go to school. Christy Turlington did it. Natalie Portman did it. Emma Watson just did it! And those are just women in the public eye, but plenty of others do it, too. You know, women around the world are great at multitasking. We do it well.

I love Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman - those are the careers I want.

My goal is to win an Oscar, and I'm going to take the steps to get there.

Natalie Portman never looks back, ever. Ever!

Natalie Bakopoulos has that rare gift, the ability to imagine a traumatic historical event in the form of individual lives and ordinary details. The Green Shore is compelling, personal, and full of quietly real moments.

A highly promising new artist and I look forward to seeing Natalie McCool perform at major festivals and concerts in the future

If I could change anything about Garden State, it would be to cast somebody else for the female lead. Natalie just isn't really that good of an actress. Especially when compared to me. Just watch the two of us, it's light and dark. I am by far the better Jew.

It’s okay, Kriss. Have some pie,” Natalie offered.

In a whirlwind, Reagan quickly knocked off fifty more push-ups, flipped, and did thirty crunches, then turned and landed a kick that dented the metal door. "I'm feeling sick, too, and look at me. What if Babe Ruth had said 'Time to Rest'? Or Michael Phelps? Or Neil Armstrong? Come on, guys–what are we?" "Hungry," Natalie said. "Sleepy," Alistair added. "Grumpy," Fiske said. "Sneezy," Phoenix piped up. "Shot," Nellie said.

Happiness is an illusion, Natalie. It doesn't actually exist." "Of course it does," I said. "It's what you feel when you're not sad." "That's unconsciousness. And I'm pretty sure that I'm miserable when I am unconscious, too.

Jonah spoke what everyone was thinking.

"Wouldn't it be Twilight Zone if the door was open, too?" Hamilton tried the knob. It didn't budge. Ian stepped forward and examined the lock. "Natalie's diary has better security than this." He produced a credit card and slipped it between the latch and the jamb. There was a click, and the door swung wide.

Don't get me started on the little airplane name badges," Natalie grumbled.