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I came from Nebraska, a very middle class family with a progressive father. — Theodore C. Sorensen

The University of Nebraska says that elderly people that drink beer or wine at least four times a week have the highest bone density. They need it - they're the ones falling down the most. — Jay Leno

When it comes to making decisions, I will come down on the side of Nebraska every time. If I have to choose between the White House and the farmhouse, I choose the farmhouse. — Ben Nelson

I am very proud of the quality of public education in Nebraska, but I believe we have an obligation to continually assess whether our system is meeting 21st Century education needs. — Dave Heineman

Anytime the president visits Nebraska its good for Nebraska. — Ben Nelson

Living here in southern California, I'll miss hearing Rocky Top for an entire week at the end of December. I was actually looking forward to it. Tennessee has a better fight song than Nebraska. — Al Michaels

But to this day I am convinced that the real reason we met was because Alexander is from Nebraska, and he was completely fascinated that I was about to go off and make a movie with Brando - perhaps the most famous Nebraskan of all. — Thomas Haden Church

I ended up being the governor of a very ag state, Nebraska. — Mike Johanns