Most Powerful Neer quotations

Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,Who never to himself hath said,This is my own, my native land!Whose heart hath neer within him burnd,As home his footsteps he hath turnd,From wandering on a foreign strand!

Three men, together riding, Can win new worlds at their will;

Resolute, neer dividing, Lead, and be victors still. Three can laugh and doom a king, Three can make the planets sing.

He warmes too neere that burnes.

He lives unsafely, that lookes too neere on things.

Chuse not an house neere an lnne (viz. for noise) or in a corner (for filth).

As like a church and an ale-house, God and the devell, they manie times dwell neere to ether.

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