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I always wanted to be an actor, but with a speech impediment it's kind of tough. I decided to roll the dice and take an acting class, which was very, very nerve-wracking... my stomach would just be in knots.

— Nicholas Brendon

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On the flip side, no one has any idea who the hell I am.

I felt like I had to prove myself to them. On any new project I'm working on, the first week is nerve-wracking, but especially with these people that I admire so much and who I just want to be equal with.

Nerve wracking quote Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.
Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.

Emma McChesney was engaged in that nerve-wracking process known as getting things out of the way. When Emma McChesney aimed to get things out of the way she did not use a shovel; she used a road-drag.

Nerve wracking quote Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.
Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.

Life with three daughters can be nerve-wracking, but it's amazing to be loved by so many different women.

I played on this soccer team, called Hollywood United, and there were a lot of old ex-international pro-players. We played this benefit match at the Rose Bowl, and the crowd streamed in. It's so nerve-wracking to go out into a stadium, feeling a billion eyes upon you when you mess up your touches. That's an overwhelming environment.

It was very nerve-wracking for me. I had to be drunk and have a threesome. I'm not that guy. Bobby Cannavale is that guy. But it was Vegas and things got crazy, and it happened. We go to Vegas to try to sign Elvis Presley and things get crazy. My character [in Vinyl] is stoned.

Nerve wracking quote Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.
Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.

Instant communication is not communication at all but merely a frantic, trivial, nerve-wracking bombardment of cliches, threats, fads, fashions, gibberish and advertising.

I am always nervous about doing voice-over work.

I'm always clammy and I worry, "What if my voice squeaks? What if I don't deliver it right?" Until you start saying the lines, it's always nerve-wracking, for some reason, and I've never gotten over that.

It's nerve-wracking singing in front of people.

I think that's why most people get drunk for karaoke.

It was always exciting, but it was also always dangerous.

And fear takes a toll finally: when you live in danger from moment to moment, the constant tension becomes very wearying. Every step I took on the roads of Gelderland was nerve-wracking, because I was secretly carrying the very material that could turn out to be my own death warrant.

I think acting is overrated. I'm not sure I enjoyed it. You never get to write your own roles. It's wonderful for some people, but I found it nerve-wracking. I was too busy worrying that no one would give me their words to speak.

It's obviously nerve-wracking, because I don't know the ropes really, William is obviously used to it, but I'm willing to learn quickly and work hard.

I think I do have a way of predicting - not always accurately - what is a nerve-wracking day for actors, what may be a difficult scene or a difficult moment, how small - and it may be down to one line - a thing maybe that is upsetting or undermining a performance.

It is nerve-wracking watching my kids' games.

It's always nerve-wracking; it's like going to a new school every time you start a new movie. There are so many people and you're trying to be comfortable and vulnerable on set in order to be fearless on camera. But it's fun, it's part of the job. You've just got to be very personable, I guess.

Going to auditions is always so nerve-wracking. I don't think they ever get any easier.

I love to challenge myself and try new things and push myself in new directions.

Sometimes it's the most nerve-wracking thing because you don't really know what you're doing because you're new to it. But then you always learn the most those ways.

Festivals are weird, you never know what to expect so it's a bit more nerve wracking then playing your own show.

When you're used to making your money a certain way, especially when you fall in love with the way you're doing it, going back to pursue your true passion can be kind of nerve wracking.

It's such a pleasant experience [being a part of the DC Universe], though very nerve-wracking to come on to someone else's set, essentially. They've been there for two years, so for me to sort of walk on and to be expected to jump into it, it's not always that easy. But they made it incredibly welcoming and hospitable, so I'm very grateful for that.

But the fact that most of the show you can't be prepared for, you have no idea really what's coming is initially very nerve wracking, by now, it's kind of fun.

The stage is the place I feel comfortable - it's almost as if real life is where I feel most nervous. Conversations are a lot more nerve-wracking.

As an actor, that's nerve-wracking enough [drunk and doing coke] because you have to do it at the right level.

I was sitting on top of people and it was just really uncomfortable.

There was no place to move. And, I don't like auditioning, anyways. With auditions, you can get so nervous, or other things get into your head and throw you off, and it doesn't really reflect what you can do, as an actor. The whole thing was just really nerve-wracking, but I ended up getting it.

You should always view any job as just as nerve-wracking or just as exciting as any other.

It was nerve-wracking [to unleash 'Life of Pi' to the world].

The first show to the journalists, that was the first one, so I was very uptight. Then I felt okay about the reception because we did a press conference with good and friendly questions, although people looked serious. So really, after the show you went to - the premiere - that reception tells me I think the movie worked, so that was a relief. I started to feel deflated.

With a popular show, you know that there's expectations there, so that's a little nerve-wracking when you're new and you're just trying to find your legs on something, but it's exciting, too, because that's what we work so hard for.

To anyone who's trying to be an artist, in any medium, it's a very odd and lonely and nerve-wracking and scary process when you let anybody see what you're working on. You have to learn to listen to your instincts. Absorb other people's advice, opinions, or whatever it may be from the outside world, but at the end of the day, you have to be true to whatever it is that you're trying to say in that work.

I have an unfortunate compulsion. I really would rather not do it, as it is very nerve-wracking and un-fun. But when it works, there is nothing like it.

Sometimes playing TV can be really nerve-wracking, and I think I tend to handle that by trying to look at my band-mates as frequently as possible and ignore everything else.

I want collaboration, but if they don't have a plan or their vision isn't clear, it's nerve-wracking. So, someone that's very sure of the vision is what you want, most of all.

The first day working with my father was nerve wracking.

I was terrified that I would embarrass him or he would embarrass me and it was probably one of the more tortuous days of my life. After the first day was under our belt, it was a great opportunity and I'll always look back on that experience fondly.

I never thought people would buy the soundtrack [to Twilight].

So, it's a little more nerve-wracking now. I don't know.

It's frightening enough with a male actor and not a stunt person.

If you accidently punch him with the wrong hand, then you've cost them a week's work and they've got a black eye or a lot of money goes on CG to get rid of it. That was nerve wracking, but it was very civilized. Women tend to immediately take responsibility if somebody messes up with both of us saying it's our fault. Men are quite happy for it to be your fault it seems like.

I'm a really anxious person, so I tend not to keep secrets.

I tend not to even want to hear them. It's too nerve-wracking for me to try and keep things from people.