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Gaming is the backbone of Nevada's economy. — Kenny Guinn

When I saw all of the people I have known all these years, when we got together, it was scary because B.B King and I lived in the same place in Nevada. — Ruth Brown

In Nevada, for a time, the lawyer, the editor, the banker, the chief desperado, the chief gambler, and the saloon-keeper occupied the same level of society, and it was the highest. — Mark Twain

What one Predator drone pilot described of his experience fighting in the Iraq war while never leaving Nevada: 'You're going to war for 12 hours, shooting weapons at targets, directing kills on enemy combatants. Then you get in the car and you drive home, and within 20 minutes you're sitting at the dinner table talking to your kids about their homework.' — P.W. Singer

Patenting and purchase of lands are absolutely vital to the health of Nevada's rural communities. — Jim Gibbons

Nevada once again has shown double digit increases in tax revenue... Nevada continues to show economic stability with its desirable business climate and booming tourism sector. — Kenny Guinn

And if you like 14.4 percent unemployment, if you like the fact that 70 percent of home mortgages in Nevada are underwater, then stay the course. Vote for Harry Reid. — John Cornyn

People in Nevada know me from the street to the ring to the Senate chambers. I've never had to prove my manhood to anyone. — Harry Reid