The Fox News anchors are lovely. They have an incredible combination of brains and beauty. And I think that's one of the reasons people love watching them and listening to them.

— Megyn Kelly

Stunning News Anchors quotations

My life is a series of Hollywood orgies and Kabbalah center brunches with the cast of Friends. At least that's what my handlers tell me. I'm actually too valuable to live my own life and spend most of my days in a vegetable crisper to remain fake news anchor fresh.

News anchors quote We all carry these things inside that no one can see. They hold us down like anc
We all carry these things inside that no one can see. They hold us down like anchors and they drown us out at sea.

I don't want the news to be patriotic.

I don't want to see flags on the lapels of the anchors. I don't want any of that.

News anchors quote The bad news is time flies, the good new is you're the pilot
The bad news is time flies, the good new is you're the pilot

CBS news anchor Dan Rather has interviewed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

When asked what it was like to talk to a crazy man, Saddam said, 'It's not so bad.'

The news anchor is exactly that - an anchor, a center, a focus.

The way we do it on the Fox News Channel is the straight news anchors like us give a hard time to both sides.

The best advice I got from my aunt, the great singer Rosemary Clooney, and from my dad, who was a game show host and news anchor, was: don't wake up at seventy years old sighing over what you should have tried. Just do it, be willing to fail, and at least you gave it a shot. That's echoed for me all through the last few years.

Anchors like Megyn Kelly are incredibly powerful in terms of distilling the information and reporting the news and maybe some opinion to the public in a fair handed and complete way.

'm thrilled to be joining the incredible team at ABC News.

Being asked to anchor 'This Week' and the superb tradition started by David Brinkley, is a tremendous and rare honor, and I look forward to discussing the great domestic and international issues of the day.

Sometimes I look around cable news and it's like you wonder whether you're looking at anchors or authors.

I have enjoyed anchoring at 'Headline News' but have decided that it is time for me to make a change in my daily professional life.

In college, I was a weather anchor for the local news.

I would 'borrow' my forecast from The Weather Channel.

I started out as a television news anchor but I wasn't very good at it.

I think I was too positive. I wanted to begin every newscast by saying, 'Good evening, in the news tonight...everything's great! Go to sleep. We'll let you know if anything important comes up.'

I've worked with Ed Bradley, Dan Rather and lots of different local news anchors.

I worked in three local news markets and in every single one of them, they said: 'You're a lousy anchor. We would love to renew your contract and have you be our lead reporter here, but we're not going to have you anchor.'

When I first anchored in 1970, I had never seen a woman anchor a news show.

It was always acting for me, since I was about 15.

My middle brother always wanted to be a news anchor, so we always felt that he'd be the one to take over for dad, so we could go and do our thing.

When I'm through with the Lee Greenwood Theatre, I won't do anything else in entertainment. Maybe I'll become an ambassador for the United States maybe I'll get into television, some news anchoring or something in a major city. Certainly the visibility would interest me a little bit. But someplace that would allow me to sit still certainly.

I can be really silly, but I never get to do that.

I'm always playing on-the-nose characters, professionals - lawyers, a serious news anchor, people with a really focused energy, which can become a cliched type.

The competition is very stiff. Brian Williams has proved himself as a credible news anchor (at NBC), and Bob Schieffer has done the same (at CBS). But as Peter and Tom (Brokaw) and Dan have always said about the competition, it makes us all better.

There's a rumor that NBC is going to have Tom Brokaw fill in temporarily as the NBC News anchor. When asked why, a network spokesperson said, 'Because the only other NBC person we have is Bill Cosby.'

The current wisdom now is that if the three networks are covering the news the same way the difference is the anchor people. I think that won't be true in the future.