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I don't mind only kissing Nina Dobrev

— Paul Wesley

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Gracie: "Don't give up, Blanche. Women don't do that. Look at Betsy Ross, Martha Washington-they didn't give up. Look at Nina Jones." Blanche Morton: "Nina Jones?" Gracie: "I've never heard of her either, because she gave up."

Had a love affair with Nina in the back of my Cortina.

A seasoned up hyena, could not have been more obscener.

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I am of the generation of segregation.

Black Lives Matter is post. I said today, and I will say all the time, "If Nina [Simone] were here, she'd have her Black Lives Matter [T-shirt] on." I think they're great kids. They don't need me or anybody else to tell them what to do.

[I listen to] "Uptown Funk", Bruno Mars, sometimes even Nina Simone and Adele.

Whatever comes up, whatever floats my boat, whatever makes me tap into something in me to just decompress - I listen to that.

I listen to Radio 4 and put the iPod on shuffle.

I like the randomness of, say, the Stones, then something from Nina Simone, Nick Drake or Bob Dylan.

I mean it’s never a problem making out with Nina Dobrev, I mean that’s always really cool!

I constantly watch 'The Simpsons' and an English cartoon called 'The Raccoons' and 'Gummi Bears.' I was obsessed with ninja films, and the 'Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles,' I used to love that as well.

Nina Simone was an entertainer. Bob Dylan was an entertainer. Anyone that can occupy a piece of music and make the air catch on fire at that moment is a true entertainer. That's how I view it. That's what I was meant to do. I love doing it. That's why I'm on earth.

I wish that she had had a black loon because I don't think that Nina [Simone] did. I have always had - I've been very fortunate - a group of little old ladies that I love and who love me, and who turned and to whom I turn at different times.

The crew of the caravel "Nina" also saw signs of land, and a small branch covered with berries. Everyone breathed afresh and rejoiced at these signs.

People like Howlin' Wolf, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Nina Simone, Captain Beefheart - all of these artists were what I grew up listening to every day of my life. And there's a very healthy music scene in the west country of England, where I grew up.

There are singers that I have enjoyed, from Nina Simone and Ray Charles onward.

But the music that made music the number one thing for me as a youth was jazz.

I'd just recorded it in Mariah Carey's studio.

THey thought the song was perfect for Nina, because she's so shy, so it was nice to have that connection with Nina in the song. It was special.

I think Taj and Nina were better friends, because they get along, they have a lot of fun and they laugh. But it seems that Nina and Jack really hit it off. Nina really fell in love with Jack. there's a lot of chemistry between them!

I think Nina Simone has had an amazing journey.

She was spicy and she had attitude and she didn't care, she wanted her money in a paper bag and don't mess with me and I've been doing some research on that so.

That's one of my favorite songs of all time.

It's so beautiful. It's an old song, sung by Nina Simone. This is the Cat Power cover. We pushed hard to get it and were lucky. It's so stunning.

Nina Simone's music is incredibly honest.

That's like saying, "Why does Jesus' word still stay around?" It's incredibly honest and it's good.

People like Howlin' Wolf, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Nina Simone, Captain Beefheart - all of these artists were what I grew up listening to every day of my life. And there's a very healthy music scene in the west country of England, where I grew up.

I write to music, and Nina Simone is always on my playlist to write to.

I mean, shes inspiring. She's truthful and real and raw.

I'm very eclectic in my music tastes - anything from Nina Simone to Beethoven to Talvin Singh.

So while you're imitating Al Capone, I'll be Nina Simone And defecating on your microphone.

Artists look at the environment, and the best artists correctly diagnose the problem. I'm not saying artists can't be leaders, but that's not the job of art, to lead. Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Harry Belafonte - there are artists all through history who have become leaders, but that was already in them, nothing to do with their art.

I think it's the strength of her music, using art to make a statement.

I think it really is. It was not a cheap gift. The gift was an expensive gift for Nina [Simone]. Diamonds are expensive. Her music was expensive. She paid for it, but I think it's her greatest gift.

I used to go up to her house. She lived upstate [in New York] and I lived in Manhattan; you're living in a lot of noise and my career was being built. For me to spend time with Nina [Simone] is to spend a lot of quiet time.

I knew Stokely [Carmichael] and them, but when you got to that, you saw that Nina Simone started to take up their burden. She started to preach for them. She was taking on the burden of "I want to tell the people."

I think that too many strangers were in her [Nina Simone's] life, and not enough people that she knew and loved.

Nina Dobrev makes my job easy, its hard not to melt when she looks at you with those doe eyes.

You have to see my show to believe that I'm the only unique Nina Hagen on this planet.

We just didn't put any pressure on each other, and I think that everybody needs somebody, and I didn't do it to try to do it; it's what we [with Nina Simone] were to each other.

I was responding to one thing for the woman I knew, and there's another thing for what did she give, right. She [Nina Simone] was a great teacher.

I prefer her [Nina Simone's] jazz period much more so than her folk period.

I just think she was a wonderful woman.

What I think of when I think of Nina [Simone] is someone that I could relate to, who didn't want anything from me, that could relate to me because I didn't want anything from her. It was nice.

We always get back to old soul singers like Nina Simone, and how her recordings sound. Also new music like Tobacco, or people that use a mixture of analog and electronic music.

You know, and the fact that Nina Simone had to start playing in clubs and sing because her parents had moved north to support her music education. You know, so she had to sing. She had to make a living 'cause she was supporting her family. So poverty and race put her in this place which, you know, created enormous success, but it's not what her psyche was all about.