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Snowboarding's tough, because you've got to go to the mountains. For me, I love the skateboard season because I get to hangout at home and still be skating. I don't have to travel to Norway or Japan or these crazy places to be snowboarding. — Shaun White

We have to find compromises. That's the way it is in Norway. — Kjell Magne Bondevik

I want to travel. Maybe I'll end up living in Norway, making cakes. — Eva Green

Norway is a small country, about half the size of Sweden, but it has a very good film climate because they have municipal cinemas, so even in the smallest towns you have a cinema that shows art house films from all over the world. — Stellan Skarsgard

I really enjoy myself in Norway. Because I had started losing confidence in my ability of what I do. But sometimes, man, you just get tired of fighting and trying to prove yourself. — Ike Turner

I was born in Norway, and when I was little I went to live in Detroit, Michigan. My father was a professor of philosophy at Wayne University, and my mother was also a teacher. — Marta Kristen

I had to inspect all fighter units in Russia, Africa, Sicily, France, and Norway. I had to be everywhere. — Adolf Galland

The richness of America is that we are diverse. We're not Sweden. We're not Norway. We are a great American experiment. And as soon as we start trying to forget race or turn our back on race, number one, we don't confront the real racial realities that still persist. — Cory Booker