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When I'm dating someone, I have a list called my 'Oh No Nos.' If a woman commits a Oh No No, it can end the relationship. Not loving '90s R&B music is #3 on the Oh No Nos list. Girl don't even know who Ginuwine is.

— Aziz Ansari

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Don't lose faith in what you are trying to do, even though you will get pummeled emotionally left and right. There are a lot of "nos" to any "yes." And that's OK.

Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus amori. Love conquers all things, so we too shall yield to love.

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Nos numeros sumus et fruges consumere nati. We are but ciphers, born to consume earth's fruits.

I try to have no absolute nos. I love french fries, I like a good burger, and I like pie. And that's okay.

In my beginnings, those nos were ever-present-even today, those nos are ever-present-and it's the workaround. I always found a workaround for people who turned their back to me. It's a way of being persistent that makes them take notice.

We two [Deucalion and Pyrrha, after the deluge] form a multitude. [Lat., Nos duo turba sumus.]

Busy idleness urges us on. [Lat., Strenua nos exercet inertia.]

Les trois quarts de nos exercices intellectuels ne sont plus que broderies sur le vide. Three quarters of our intellectual performances are no more than decorations over a void.

Lynx-eyes toward our equals, and moles to ourselves.

[Fr., Lynx envers nos pareils, et taupes envers nous.]

esse cara é legal. ele se matou e a seu pai, sua mãe, e à mulher, mas não atirou nos três filhos nem no cachorro. um dos melhores poetas desde Baudelaire

Soyons fermes, purs et fidèles ; au bout de nos peines, il y a la plus grande gloire du monde, celle des hommes qui n'ont pas cédé. [Let us be firm, pure and faithful; at the end of our sorrow, there is the greatest glory of the world, that of the men who did not give in.]

Quem eu sou, você só vai perceber quando olhar nos meus olhos, ou melhor, além deles.

I eat "NOs" for breakfast.

There is indeed a God that hears and sees whate'er we do.

[Lat., Est profecto deus, qui, quae nos gerimus, auditque et videt.]

Nos are just as valuable as yeses in the game of life. In fact, they're essential.

Nos beaux sentiments ne sont-ils pas les poe sies de la volonte ? Aren't our best feelings poetry of the will?

Le bonheur engloutit nos forces, comme le malheur e teint nos vertus.

Happiness engulfs our strength, just as misfortune extinguishes our virtues.

Elegimos aquellos que nos gusta, con los que amamos, no tenemos voz en el asunto.

I had a teacher who said something great.

That was, 'Go out and collect your nos. Once you get fifty nos then you can start wondering when you can get a yes.' He said, 'It is not your job to get the job; its your job to do a consistent body of work. So, every time you go in there, just go in there and be consistent, and eventually it will get noticed and someone will hire you.'

A full-out rebellion would take a major amount of luck and coordination.

The Tech Nos and Domotor looked at me, waiting. No one else would be able to organize both sides. I drew in a deep breath. We had the technology, the intelligence and the people—put enough sheep together and you have a herd, a force to be reckoned with. We needed a leader.

The innocent should never have to suffer from the battles of others.

(Valerius) I know, but it seems to always be the case. (Acheron) A furore infra, libera nos - spare us from the fury within. (Valerius)