Quotations list about nymph, faun and maggot captions for Instagram citing Iris Murdoch, D. H. Lawrence and John Milton minnow sayings.

Every man needs two women, a quiet home-maker, and a thrilling nymph.
— Iris Murdoch

Reason is a supple nymph, and slippery as a fish by nature. She had as leave give her kiss to an absurdity any day, as to syllogistic truth. The absurdity may turn out truer.
D. H. Lawrence nymph quote

'Tis chastity, my brother, chastity. She that has that is clad in complete steel, and like a quivered nymph with arrows keen may trace huge forests and unharbored heaths, infamous hills and sandy perilous wilds, where through the sacred rays of chastity, no savage fierce, bandit, or mountaineer will dare to soil her virgin purity.
— John Milton

The features of our face are hardly more than gestures which force of habit made permanent. Nature, like the destruction of Pompeii, like the metamorphosis of a nymph into a tree, has arrested us in an accustomed movement.
— Marcel Proust

Hither the heroes and nymphs resort,To taste awhile the pleasures of a court;In various talk th' instuctive hours they past,Who gave the ball, or paid the visit last;One speaks the glory of the British Queen,And one describes a charming Indian screenA third interprets motions, looks and eyes;At every word a reputation dies.
— nymph quotation by Alexander Pope