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Perfect soldier, perfect gentleman never gave offence to anyone not even the enemy. — A. J. P. Taylor

I have the conviction that excessive literary production is a social offence. — George Eliot

How shall I lose the sin, yet keep the sense, and love the offender, yet detest the offence? — Alexander Pope

I think a bishop who doesn't give offence to anyone is probably not a good bishop. — James Thomson

And where the offence is, let the great axe fall. — William Shakespeare

Unless a love of virtue light the flame, Satire is, more than those he brands, to blame; He hides behind a magisterial air He own offences, and strips others' bare. — William Cowper

I am most anxious that in dealing with matters which every Member knows are extremely delicate matters, I should not use any phrase or expression which would cause offence to our friends and Allies on the Continent or across the Atlantic Ocean. — Winston Churchill

On September 17, 1914, Erzberger, the well-known German statesman, an eminent member of the Catholic Party, wrote to the Minister of War, General von Falkenhayn, We must not worry about committing an offence against the rights of nations nor about violating the laws of humanity. Such feelings today are of secondary importance? A month later, on October 21, 1914, he wrote in Der Tag, If a way was found of entirely wiping out the whole of London it would be more humane to employ it than to allow the blood of A SINGLE GERMAN SOLDIER to be shed on the battlefield! — Georges Clemenceau