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To the highest leadership among women it is given to hold steadily in one hand the sacred vessels that hold the ancient sanctities of life, and in the other a flaming torch to light the way for oncoming generations.

— Anna Garlin Spencer

Staggering Oncoming quotations

I like the thought that what we are to do on this earth is embellish it for its greater beauty, so that oncoming generations can look back to the shapes we leave here and get the same thrill that I get in looking back at theirs - at the Parthenon, at Chartres Cathedral.

We feel the machine slipping from our hands As if someone else were steering;

If we see light at the end of the tunnel, It's the light of the oncoming train.

Such a scheme.. the betrayal of the national democracy of Industrial Ulster, would mean a carnival of reaction both North and South, would set back the wheels of progress, would destroy the oncoming unity of the Irish labour movement and paralyse all advanced movements while it lasted.

This isn't life in the fast lane, it's life in the oncoming traffic.

This isn't life in the fast lane, it's life in the oncoming traffic.

If we see light at the end of the tunnel, it's the light of the oncoming train.

The light you see at the end of the tunnel is the front of an oncoming train.

It's the light of the oncoming train.

The light from the oncoming train focuses the mind.

The odds are six to five that the light in the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an oncoming train.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for India, but it's that of an oncoming train which will run them over.

I think women are great drivers. To be honest, I've only been in one car accident - one of my best friends, his wife was driving. She went into oncoming traffic, our car flipped almost four times. I didn't even have time to put on a seat belt, because they'd just picked me up.

All that is happening in art is part of a process of exploration and discovery.

I hope to live for a few more years so that I can catch glimpses of the oncoming future.

Uh uh uh, turning the car into oncoming traffic... is counterproductive!

Part of the oncoming demise (of New York during its terrible fiscal crisis) is that none of us can simply believe it. We were always the best and the strongest of cities, and our people were vital to the teeth. Knock them down eight times and they would get up with that look in the eye which suggests the fight has barely begun.

The optimist sees the future as a rabbit sees the oncoming truck - getting bigger, not closer.

If we see light at the end of the tunnel, it the light of the oncoming train.

All was black, gloomy and awful. There was no light at the end of the tunnel - or if there was, it was an oncoming train.

If the oncoming mutation to interstellar immortality is screwed up by the politicians, it will be because those of us who see the opportunities in modern science are not adroit enough to outmaneuver the forces of inertia, stupidity and greed. Well, if we're not intelligent enough to overcome such obstacles, then we don't deserve to carry off the mutation at this stage of evolution.

In every age of well-marked transition, there is the pattern of habitual dumb practice and emotion which is passing and there is oncoming a new complex of habit.

The light at the end of the tunnel is just the light of an oncoming train.

In TV, you always feel you are standing on the tracks of an oncoming train.

That's sort of what I try to do with music: to harness whatever energy is already there and see where that momentum takes me. Sometimes you're spinning that oncoming momentum in a different direction, or sometimes you're coercing it to consider itself, or sometimes you're holding it up to a mirror. But I don't really like to interrupt and come in and destroy everything and start all over. I'm not that kind of guy.

When I look at the faces of turning drivers, I mostly see them looking in the direction of oncoming motorists rather than at the people they're about to turn into.

I'm surprised when I see someone doing the logical, commonsense thing: Walk facing the oncoming traffic.

Is it a bad sign when someone asks you about the person your dating and a tear falls from your eye as you leap into oncoming traffic?

...All I want to talk about is the oncoming apocalypse in my brain.

The oncoming trouble I speak of is climate change.

It's going to affect all of you in the same way the Second World War consumed people of my parent's generation.

You can always avert throwing yourself in front of an oncoming train.

There is something that just pulls you away - and it has pulled me away, because I'm not dead yet - just at the brink of impact. Sometimes I have been really grazed by that train.

The vast silence of Buddha overtakes and overrules the oncoming roar of tragic life that fills alleys and avenues; it blocks the way of pedicabs, police, convoys.

The art of growing old is the art of being regarded by the oncoming generations as a support and not as a stumbling-block...

One measures oncoming old age by its deepening of Proust, and its deepening by Proust. How to read a novel? Lovingly, if it shows itself capable of accomodating one's love; and jealously, because it can become the image of one's limitations in time and space, and yet can give the Proustian blessing of more life.

The trees called to me, urging me to abandon what I knew and vanish into the oncoming night. It was a desire that had been tugging me with disconcerting frequency these days.

I can’t stop traffic on Fifth Avenue, not unless I walk in front of an oncoming cab.

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