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The male has been persuaded to assume a certain onerous and disagreeable role with the promise of rewards -- material and psychological. Women may in the first place even have put it into his head. BE A MAN! may have been, metaphorically, what Eve uttered at the critical moment in the garden of Eden. — Percy Wynham Lewis

We just simply want to get back to basics, get - restore essentially the constitutional foundation of the country, and that means the federal government becoming less onerous, less involved in every - basically every item of our lives. And what that means is there does have to be some transition. — Joe Miller

The responsibilities which are imposed by rank and privilege and good fortune can... become very onerous indeed. — Robert Welch

Without true medical liability reform, our doctors will continue to leave, and young doctors coming out of medical school $100,000 to $200,000 in debt will not be able to afford such onerous costs. — Jim Gerlach

Placing on writers the responsibility to represent a culture is an onerous burden. — Amy Tan

In a free country, government is a dull and onerous responsibility. It is a parent-teacher conference. — P. J. O'Rourke

My kids say if there's any family dinner that doesn't result in somebody crying, it's not a good dinner. They cry because it helps relieve them of a guilt or some onerous emotional burden. It's like a family tradition. — William Shatner

Woman, no less than man, can qualify herself for the more onerous occupations of life. — Victoria Woodhull