I think our show is very different from Orange County.

— Josh Schwartz

Thrilling Orange County quotations

I didn't know anything about fashion, growing up in Orange County.

I just knew about it through music, how ska bands dressed.

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If you don't want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying you want a country based on Christian values, because you don't

Being from Orange County is in a lot ways very much like being from the Midwest.

My two primary areas of focus have been open-space conservation and education, and I expect those to remain my priorities in the future. The Irvine open space and parklands provide serenity and balance to our unique Orange County lifestyle.

Coffee or orange juice?” “Water is fine.

” His eyebrows went up. “Uh-oh,” Auriele said, but she was smiling. Darryl was not. “Are you implying that my coffee is not the best in four counties? Or my fresh-squeezed orange juice is less than perfect?

The happiest moments of my childhood were spent on my grandmother's front porch in Durham, N.C., or at her sister's farmhouse in Orange County, where chickens paraded outside the kitchen's screen door and hams were cured in the smokehouse.

I have one of the most beautiful places in the world in Orange County. That's a great place to live.

I like being able to bounce between writing movies for people like Kevin Sorbo to making very personal films like orange county hardcore sinister to making a movie like [Wyatt Earp and the Holy Grail: The Tale of the Three Gates], which is made for the pure pleasure of getting together with creative people and making a movie. Alex Cox would be proud.

Rick Rubin came to my concert in Orange County, Calif.

I believe this was, like, '83 when he first came and listened to the show. And then afterwards, I went in the dressing room and sat and talked to him.

I grew up in Orange County, California, all over the beaches of San Clemente and that area.

I grew up in an area of a lot of growth, in Orange County, California, and spent most of my youth on the beach. I had witnessed the degradation of our Back Bay and the increased number of closed beach days over the years.

I'm just an Orange County girl from a loving family making music with my friends. It's not really that big of a deal.

As somebody who wanted to be creative, growing up, I remember always thinking that the thing I had going against me was Orange County because it seemed like all of the comedy was coming out of New York, and it still is, to a certain extent.

I grew up watching my Dad, Uncles Ciaran Murray and Brendan Murray, and cousin, Aedin Murray, who were all national caliber Gaelic football players in Ireland. I try to watch as much Gaelic football as I can, it is my first love. I bleed Green, White, and Orange. Gaelic football players don’t get paid to play, you play to represent your county that is more important than earning money.

I grew up in California, which was not - at least in the '50s and '60s - a cultural oasis by any means. Certainly not Orange County, anyway.

I was born in Orange County - in Santa Ana.

My dad is from California. I was raised on the East Coast. My first two years were in California, but I claim East Coast. I'm sorry, I don't rep California.

I said, going into acting, 'I'm never moving to L.

A.,' because it scared me. But there was no way you could build an acting career in Orange County.