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I'm also very pleased that we were able to include a full orchestrated score for Dragon's Lair 3D. The 40 different music pieces blend with the action to make you feel more a part of the whole adventure. — Don Bluth

Literature is the orchestration of platitudes. — Thornton Wilder

The universe within--your trillions of cells all cooperate in a grand orchestration to serve and heal you. — Bryant H. McGill

The great challenge which faces us is to assure that, in our society of big-ness, we do not strangle the voice of creativity, that the rules of the game do not come to overshadow its purpose, that the grand orchestration of society leaves ample room for the man who marches to the music of another drummer. — Hubert Humphrey

He maintained that the case was lost or won by the time the final juror had been sworn in; his summation was set in his mind before the first witness was called. It was all in the orchestration, he claimed: in knowing how and where to pitch each and every particular argument; who to intimidate; who to trust, who to flatter and court; who to challenge; when to underplay and exactly when to let out all the stops. — Dorothy Uhnak

My vocation is more in composition really than anything else -- building up harmonies using the guitar, orchestrating the guitar like an army, a guitar army. — Jimmy Page

Surviving and thriving as a professional today demands two new approaches to the written word. First, it requires a new approach to orchestrating information, by skillfully choosing what to read and what to ignore. Second, it requires a new approach to integrating information, by reading faster and with greater comprehension. — Jimmy Calano

Chemistry is not anything an executive producer or writer can orchestrate or plan; you just hope for it. — David E. Kelley