A writer may tell me that he thinks man will ultimately become an ostrich. I cannot properly contradict him.

— Thomas Malthus

Fantastic Ostrich quotations

Faith is to the human what sand is to the ostrich.

OSTRICH, n. A large bird to which (for its sins, doubtless) nature has denied that hinder toe . . . . The absence of a good working pair of wings is no defect, for, as has been ingeniously pointed out, the ostrich does not fly.

America cannot be an ostrich with its head in the sand.

I do not wear my emotions on my sleeve.

I was once described by my own son Stephen as an emotional ostrich.

Home Alone was a lot and a lot and a lot of standing and sitting and walking and running and it was physically demanding but in this, I'm doing back flips and riding ostriches. It's physically demanding in a new way, so it's fun.

Any fool can turn a blind eye but who knows what the ostrich sees in the sand.

The ostrich burying its head in the sand does at any rate wish to convey the impression that its head is the most important part of it.

Concentrate on the wonders and joys of this life, and accept the very best which is your true heritage. It is not being an ostrich, afraid of life and not facing it. It is seeing the reality of this glorious life which is yours, and in doing so, helping to bring it about. The more clearly you can see it, the more quickly will it come about.

We know - intellectually - that confronting an issue is the only way to resolve it. But any resolution will disrupt the status quo. Given the choice between conflict and change on the one hand, and inertia on the other, the ostrich position can seem very attractive.

We're ostriches and the whole world is sand.

Rock star, flier than an ostrich...

I must seem like an ostrich who forever burries its head in the relativistic sands in order not to face the evil quanta.

I have lived among enough painters and around studios to have had all the theories - and how contradictory they are - rammed down my throat. A man has to have a gizzard like an ostrich to digest all the brass-tacks and wire nails of modern art theories.

The ostrich is the only animal officially endowed with political direction.

You know, a meme is now circulating that's called the Ostrich Brigade.

And it's used to describe all those people who are burying their heads in the sand. I call it the three D strategy. It's denial, deflection, and a demonization of those of us who want to speak honestly about these issues of extremism.

Madness is the WHO staring into the abyss and denying it is there.

Madness is an ostrich who sticks her head in the sand while a pack of hyenas closes around her. - Lanky Man with green eyes

I have a very ostrich mentality. I feel like I have my head in the sand so no one can see me.

We have learned that we cannot live alone, at peace;

that our own well-being is dependent on the well-being of other nations far away. We have learned that we must live as men, not as ostriches, nor as dogs in the manger.

Why is the hearse with scutcheons blazon'd round, And with the nodding plume of ostrich crown'd? No; the dead know it not, nor profit gain; It only serves to prove the living vain.

Gentlemen, as sure as I'm sitting here now, the result of continuation of a non-system, the ostrich-like head-in-the-sand attitude, the constant rejection of any efforts to solve this problem, will produce an Armageddon in the American population in those states where there is a big problem.

When the San Francisco Democrats treat foreign affairs as an afterthought, as they did, they behaved less like a dove or a hawk than like an ostrich - convinced it could shut out the world by hiding its head in the sand.

I will endanger your species like an ostrich, Hold you hostage, and crazy feed you swine sausage!

Don't be more serious than God. God invented dog farts. God designed your body's plumbing system. God designed an ostrich. If He didn't do it, He permitted a drunken angel to do it. Empirical facts can add significantly to the meaning of "being godlike".

I grew up watching old musicals and seeing Ginger Rogers wearing a beautiful fitted bodice that had ostrich feathers. I love how it moved when she danced. Theatrical pieces like that stayed with me. I wanted to grow up to wear those kinds of things.

Every time Europe looks across the Atlantic to see the American Eagle, it observes only the rear end of an ostrich.

As the ostrich when pursued hideth his head, but forgetteth his body;

so the fears of a coward expose him to danger.

He behaved like an ostrich and put his head in the sand, thereby exposing his thinking parts.

Take the matter as you find it ask no questions, utter no remonstrances;

it is your best wisdom. You expected bread and you have got a stone: break your teeth on it, and don't shriek because the nerves are martyrised; do not doubt that your mental stomach - if you have such a thing - is strong as an ostrich's; the stone will digest. You held out your hand for an egg, and fate put into it a scorpion. Show no consternation; close your fingers firmly upon the gift; let it sting through your palm. Never mind; in time, after your hand and arm have swelled and quivered long with torture, the squeezed scorpion will die, and you will have learned the great lesson how to endure without a sob.

You don't direct ostriches, you herd them.

The comic-book industry today is not what it was back then, unfortunately.

Kids are no longer interested in reading comic books; they've got television and the electronic games that they can bury themselves in like ostriches. They don't have to pay attention to what's going on in the world around them.

I realized that I had been living a great part of my life like an ostrich, with my head stuck in the sand. Now I see that I was just prancing around my magical circle while the walls of my prison were being erected by other people.

You might be a redneck if a full-grown ostrich has fewer feathers than your cowboy hat.

We [USA and China] have a common responsibility with different numerical targets, and that's the situation ultimately we are going to have with China. We emit six times more per person than they do. It's hard to tell them to cut theirs in half right now until we start moving. Being the ostrich with your head in the sand and tail feathers in the air like some would have us to do while China continues to pollute is simply not an option.

I shook Obama's hand and I said, 'I want to be your friend.

' My hand is still outstretched. I am not Obama's enemy, but it's difficult not see imperialism in Washington. Those who don't see it don't want to see it, like the ostrich.