Most Powerful Outdoorsman quotations

A beaver is about like the ninjas the suckers only work at night and they're hard to find.

Teddy Roosevelt of course was a great outdoorsman all his life.

I'm an outdoorsman kind of person, so I don't like the buzz of the crowd, crowd, crowd and all that so much. I mean I don't mind it, but I don't seek it out.

I love to have fun. I do my own shopping. I do my own yardwork. I like to garden. I like to fish. I like to golf. I'm an outdoorsman. I like to cook. But when I hit the football stadium, I click the switch, because I know I'm there for a job. I get in a whole different mindset when I enter the stadium. But once I leave I'm back to being a father, husband, a friend.

It's really easy for someone to say no one should have guns when they're guarded by people with MP-5s. It's a little bit different. I'm always mentioned in that article as well because I'm a staunch believer in the Second Amendment. I shoot virtually every weekend. I'm a big outdoorsman. I believe in all those traditions. And I believe it's important for people to be able to defend themselves.

There was a time I thought about being a professional guide.

I'm a big outdoorsman, but the acting thing has always been there - always something I wanted to do.

Jack London is a very generous description of my small hiking, bicycling, and canoeing habit. I myself feel like a weak urbanite a lot of the time, because lots of my friends are incredible outdoorsmen and women.