I am also actively involved in my church and its community activities. We have programs to improve the lives of our congregation and programs of outreach in the community.

— Samuel Wilson

Remarkable Outreach quotations

One who is mild rather than forceful has greater capacity for outreach.

What I know about street outreach is that it is essential to dealing with the issue of youth homelessness.

Most people think witches are a coven of lesbians dancing naked in the forest celebrating the semen stolen from imprisoned hypnotized males, which they then use to inseminate one another using turkey basters in order to create a legion of demon babies. Well, that's only part of it. We are also active in community outreach programs.

Whether it is a call to action for blood drives, disaster relief, or just community outreach, the American Red Cross does an extraordinary job at not only meeting the immediate needs of a community, but also the preparation and planning for long-term support.

Love is the outreach of self toward completion.

I know that historically our foundation has had great relations with all the administrations.[Bill] Clinton administration did a lot of outreach. The greatest rise in U.S. foreign aid was under the [George] Bush administration, that's where we got the AIDS initiative, which is called PEPFAR.

Scientific literacy is one of the underpinnings of everything I do.

It's why I work with schools. It's why I teach at university. I do a lot of outreach to try and improve general scientific literacy, but the core of all scientific literacy is just literacy.

The grateful outreaching of your mind in thankful praise to the Supreme is a liberation or expenditure of force; it cannot fail to reach that to which it is addressed, and the reaction is an instantaneous movement towards you.

For centuries the Bible's emphasis on compassion and love for our neighbor has inspired institutional and governmental expressions of benevolent outreach such as private charity, the establishment of schools and hospitals, and the abolition of slavery.

Every individual is a unique manifestation of the Whole, as every branch is a particular outreaching of the tree.

Mission arises from the heart of God Himself and is communicated from His heart to ours. Mission is the global outreach of the global people of a global God.

For the high achievers, studying gave them the pleasing, absorbing challenge of flow 40 percent of the hours they spent at it. But for low achievers, studying produced flow only 16 percent of the time; more often that not, it yielded anxiety, with the demands outreaching their abilities...The low achievers found pleasure and flow in socializing, not in studying.

The WWE has a massive outreach on social media, and our fanbase is very vocal.

So many young people watch the WWE, and I can turn around and say: "This also happens to me. Daily." I've been regarded as a very "controversial" figure, but in a setting like this, where I talk to young people, it helps.

We have an incredible national forest service, and we have an incredible child outreach program that the president has put together. I don't see anything wrong with national service for a minimum of two years. If we were to require that, we wouldn't need a draft.

Our ability to create has outreached our ability to use wisely the products of our invention.

If you think about conservative ideas, conservative principles, the fact that Donald Trump goes back at George W. Bush over weapons of mass destruction or gets into fights with the pope, and there's no outreach in terms of growth of the party. I think lots of people fear for the future of the party.

I was able to do that [showing up of Democratic benefits] when I was the candidate. But I've not seen or presided over that kind of systematic outreach that I think needs to happen.

I still consider Bill Clinton a friend and Donald Trump a friend.

Some day in the future, President Clinton could be a big asset to President Trump in a lot of his outreach.

Hillary Clinton made no outreach to Muslim Americans or Arab Americans.

So they have to insert themselves.

[Donald] Trump has quietly rolled out an immigration plan with specifics and everyone wants specifics. He's got immigration with specifics, a black and Hispanic outreach plan with specifics.

I think that we need to measure how we give dollars to libraries by need.

And the communities that are poor, in my opinion, should get more because you have to do more outreach.

There is a law of gratitude, and it is .

. . the natural principle that action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions. The grateful outreaching of your mind in thankful praise to supreme intelligence is a liberation or expenditure of force. It cannot fail to reach that to which it is addressed, and the reaction is an instantaneous movement toward you.

Unfortunately, the greater the humanitarian outreach, the greater the violence required to achieve it.

Motor Racing Outreach is great. They provide a chapel service every Sunday for drivers, wives, crew members, and others in the NASCAR industry so that we can gather and celebrate our faith. It's important to me to have this time before the race on Sundays. They also provide other services such as at-track childcare and counseling.

The best set was probably 'Bloody Sunday.

' We had no money for extras and gambled on months of outreach to persuade the people of Derry to turn out and march for us on one single afternoon. And they did. In their tens of thousands. Seeing them march, their patience and their dignity and their commitment, I knew the movie would have a quality of truth.

Our focus should be on developmental dimensions of atomic science with a special outreach to India's youth.

The irony here is that the Latino left had criticized the conservative movement for years that they were not doing outreach to the Latino community. Now that the conservative movement is doing outreach and engaging in the Latino community on a national scale, they're criticizing us for that too. You can't have it both ways.

I personally spend the majority of my time by far on outreach and education and fundraising and administration.

We made this inexplicable turn into Iraq, where we've lost lives, money, honour and the coalition on [George] Bush's watch. Surely he's not suggesting that if the Democrats win, things can get worse. I mean, all we can do now is to look at our field policy and change the course. We need more diplomatic outreach toward Iran, Syria and Middle Eastern allies, and less bluster and less threats, and fewer troops.

Worship demands the far distances of God;

it protests against the little, the near, the material. It must love but it must look up. It cannot live without the note of spirituality and universality, if not mystery. The ascension, the passing of Christ within the veil, answers this need. So does a full-robed Christianity add to definiteness of knowledge the outreach of imagination and home.

The promotion of human rights cannot be about exhortation alone.

At times, it must be coupled with painstaking diplomacy. I know that engagement with repressive regimes lacks the satisfying purity of indignation. But I also know that sanctions without outreach -- condemnation without discussion -- can carry forward only a crippling status quo. No repressive regime can move down a new path unless it has the choice of an open door.

Love is the outreach of self toward completion.

Brahma was excessively sparing with earth, water, and fire.

... The reckless expenditure of air and ether in his composition was amazing. And, in consequence, he perpetually struggled to outreach the wind, to outrun space itself. Other animals ran only when they had a reason, but the Horse would run for no reason whatever, as if to run out of his own skin.

The parish is the presence of the Church in any given territory, an environment for hearing God's word, for growth in Christian life, for dialogue, proclamation, charitable outreach, worship and celebration.