Most Powerful Ozzfest quotations

Being on Ozzfest has been a great way for us to break out and show metal fans that we have a heavy side.

We were always told we were one step behind Deep Purple, one step behind Led Zeppelin, one step behind everybody. Our manager didn't want to let us know how popular we were. It's only after we did Ozzfest that people started telling me stuff. I thought they were taking the piss. People would come up to me and go, "Respect."

On the tour we get a case of beer on the bus every day from Ozzfest.

To do the Ozzfest again would be great.

I'd like to finish with a final Sabbath album. You always feel that it is still a challenge.

We did like 12 shows, then we did the entire Ozzfest with the first half completely booked; then we did the second half with a couple days off here and there.

When I got home from The Ozzfest in September 2000 with Methods.

.. I just locked myself in my house and I started writing.

I go to a meeting every day. I surround myself with people who don't use. I recently got back from Ozzfest and I caught myself in kind of a sticky situation where I was around a lot of people using, drinking and it was kind of - I didn't have the urge to use once, but I just knew I shouldn't have been there.

Art should never be limited - the beauty of art is that it gives us the freedom to go places where we wouldn't go to in our normal lives. Inside, I'm just so many different people. I go from the pretty girl on the red carpet to the singer at Ozzfest, spitting in the crowd. That's Jada.