If Satch (Paige) and I were pitching on the same team, we would clinch the pennant by July fourth and go fishing until World Series time.

— Dizzy Dean

Profound Paige quotations

I know who's the best pitcher I ever see and it's old Satchel Paige, that big lanky colored boy. My fastball looks like a change of pace alongside that little pistol bullet ole Satchel (Paige) shoots up to the plate.

My favorite actresses were Geraldine Paige, Anne Bancroft and Kim Stanley.

Believe me, I have better things to do than sabotage your friendships.

No one else's world revolves around you, Cassandra." -Paige to Cassandra

The only change is that baseball has turned Paige from a second class citizen to a second class immortal.

I love collecting guitars, even though I can't play well.

My favourite guitarists are Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Paige, and John Mayer.

After I got that hit off Satchel (Paige), I knew I was ready for the big leagues.

I am wearing a size 28 Paige Jeans. Jeans don't lie, and I am just happy!

I met Patti LuPone and Elaine Paige in a party.

I didnt speak too much with Patti, but she was lovely with me.

I'll remember this to my grave. We all walked into a room to see the screen tests. The first screen test was Marion Hutton's. Then came Janis Paige [who ended up with a part in the film]. Then on the screen came Doris Day. I can only tell you, the screen just exploded. There was absolutely no question. A great star was born and the rest is history.

I myself am more and more inclined to agree with Omar and Satchel Paige as I grow older: Don't try to rewrite what the moving finger has writ, and don't ever look over your shoulder.

Isn't it possible that I'm not feigning interest? That I really do want to know more about you?" "You've never been interested in me before." "You've never been interesting before." -Cassandra and Paige

I opted for the rear door, both as a courtesy and so she couldn't freak out about me showing up on her front doorstep for all of East Falls to see. Being the village pariah does make social calls most trying. -Paige

We value the individual. We probably put too much emphasis on the individual, if it comes right down to it. How many people, in the abstract, would...let's say Paige....how many people would she sacrifice to keep Andy alive? The answer wouldn't make any sense if you were looking at the whole of humanity as equals.

I'm Paige," I whispered. He was serious, for once. "Are you the first page, or the last?" I didn't answer, not right then.

Murder? You mean he's dead?" "No. He's resting comfortably," I said. "People always sleep best with their heads at a ninety-degree angle. He looks comfortable, doesn't he?" (Paige & Elena)