Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

— William Butler Yeats

Fantastic Pail quotations

The fiction of Ayn Rand is as low as you can get re fiction.

I hope you picked it up off the floor of the subway and threw it in the nearest garbage pail. She makes Mickey Spillane look like Dostoevsky.

A man in love will jump to pick up a glove or a bouquet for a silly girl of sixteen, whilst at home he will permit his aged mother to carry pails of water and armfuls of wood, or his wife to lug a twenty-pound baby, hour after hour, without ever offe

Poetry is a rich, full-bodied whistle, cracked ice crunching in pails, the night that numbs the leaf, the duel of two nightingales, the sweet pea that has run wild, Creation's tears in shoulder blades.

The continuing struggle was once described in the following metaphor by a patient who had successfully completed a long course of psychotherapy: 'I came to therapy hoping to receive butter for the bread of life. Instead, at the end, I emerged with a pail of sour milk, a churn, and instructions on how to use them.' (138)

Strangers have crossed the sound, but not the sound of the dark oarsmen Or the golden-haired sons of kings, Strangers whose thought is not formed to the cadence of waves, Rhythm of the sickle, oar and milking pail

Texas does not, like any other region, simply have indigenous dishes.

It proclaims them. It congratulates you, on your arrival, at having escaped from the slop pails of the other 49 states.

You can only milk a cow so long, then you're left holding the pail.

Let your actions always speak for you, but be forever on guard against the terrible traps of false pride and conceit that can halt your progress. The next time you are tempted to boast, just place your fist in a full pail of water, and when you remove it, the hole remaining will give you a correct measure of your importance.

One always has to remember these days where the garbage pail is, because it's so easy to make sounds, and to put sounds together into something that appears to be music, but it's just as hard as it always was to make good music.

Now I'm seen by more people in one episode than I was in 20 years of theatre and movies. It's gratifying to have an impact on 25 million people a night, but I can say goodbye to my lunch-pail life as a working actor. I'm scared I might be a celebrity.

The slogan of progress is changing from the full dinner pail to the full garage.

I idolized all of the bodybuilders who came from that old-school hardcore era.

Those guys didn't need any fancy equipment; they trained with intensity and focus, regardless of the gym or other limitations. These guys could do presses with pails full of cement and still get a great workout.

The brown bag, of course, had its imperfections.

While some kids carried roast beef sandwiches, others had peanut butter. I have no way of knowing if all of those brown bags contained 'nutritionally adequate diets.' But I do know that those brown bags and those lunch pails symbolized parental love and responsibility.

Enough shovels of earth -- a mountain. Enough pails of water -- a river.

No wonder the tulip is the patron flower of Holland.

Looking at it one almost smells fresh paint laid on in generous brilliance: doors, blinds, whole houses, canal boats, pails, farm wagons - all painted in greens, blues, reds, pinks, yellows.

I liked baseball and sports and Garbage Pail Kids and comic books.

I know what its like to really adore something.

Damn words; they're just the pots and pans of life, the pails and scrubbing-brushes. I wish I didn't have to think in words.

I consulted a therapist at Mass. General. After about 20 minutes, he stopped me and said, 'You're just a big existential garbage pail. Go home and relax.'

I guess in all of the obvious ways. I can afford more diapers for my children. If I want to buy a complete set of Garbage Pail Kids on Ebay I don't have to ask my wife so hard. For the most part, it's mostly the same. I keep my head down and I just work on comics for most of the time.

Education is not about filling a pail, it's about lighting a fire.

I like to go to art museums and name the untitled paintings... Boy With Pail... Kitten On Fire.

Ah! happy is the man whose early lot Hath made him master of a furnish'd cot;

Who trains the vine that round his window grows, And after setting sun his garden hoes; Whose wattled pails his own enclosure shield, Who toils not daily in another's field.

There is hope. There is hope everywhere. Today God give milk and I have the pail.

Our society is monstrously disjunctive, at once so efficient in war and so inefficient in caring for the welfare of its members. It is frightening to see people rooting in garbage pails on streets, living in cardboard crates under bridges, while their government wages war. Even when there is an emergency in a household, decent parents do not forget to feed the children.

I would have felt more comfortable on a girder fifty floors above the street, catching white-hot rivets in a pail.

I am always watching for fear of getting feeble and passé in my work.

I don't want to trickle out. I want to pour till the pail is empty, the last bit going out in a gush, not in drops.

Today God gives milk / and I have the pail.

A precious place is Paradise and none may know its worth, But Eden ever longeth for the knicknacks of the earth. The angels grow quite wistful over worldly things below; They hear the hurdy-gurdies in the Candle Makers Row. They listen for the laughter from the antics of the earth; They lower pails from heaven's walls to catch the milk-maids mirth.

Love is not like the echo, which returneth only what is given;

but, rather, like the pump, which returneth by the pail what it received by the pint.

What would you do if you were President, and, on the first day of May, the Russian Ambassador presented you with a beautiful cake which emitted a curious ticking noise? Would you plunge it into a pail of water - thus insulting Soviet cuisine in general?

The very substance which last week was grazing in the field, waving in the milk pail, or growing in the garden, is now become part of the man.

I eyed her like a thirsty traveler in the desert looks at a pail of water.

We had nine pails of candy for Halloween, now we are down to one.

They go for a lot of the candy mixes. I think that they buy them for themselves sometimes.

Playing the game for money produces the proper professional attitude.

It inculcates the lunch-pail state of mind that shows up for work despite rain or snow or dark of night and slugs it out day after day.