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I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude. It is more important than my past, my education, my bankroll, my successes or failures, fame or pain, what other people think of me or say about me, my circumstances, or my position.

— Charles R. Swindoll

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Painful past quote Healing comes from gathering wisdom from past actions and letting go of the pain
Healing comes from gathering wisdom from past actions and letting go of the pain that the education cost you.

You have to make the decision to let go of the past if you want to move forward.

Reliving your painful past will poison your heart and your tomorrow. If you look at today through the eyes of the past, you can never see what the present moment has to offer.

God is punishing me for my past wickedness by keeping me alive and in as much pain as he can.

Painful past quote Don't inflict pains from your past on your present relationships.
Don't inflict pains from your past on your present relationships.

The ability to forget the past enables people to free themselves gradually from the pain they once suffered; but it also often makes them repeat the mistakes of their predecessors.

The future is easy because it doesn’t exist; but the past is painful because it lives forever.

I've never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don't understand people who hide from their past. Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now.

Painful past quote Pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver, and heartbreaks make you wiser,
Pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver, and heartbreaks make you wiser, so thank the past for better future.

The mind, conditioned as it is by the past, always seeks to re-create what it knows and is familiar with. Even if it is painful, at least it is familiar. The mind always adheres to the known. The unknown is dangerous because it has no control over it. That's why the mind dislikes and ignores the present moment.

We should not forget, no matter how we quantify it: 'Freedom is not free.

' It is a painful lesson, but one from which we have learned in the past and one we should never forget.

But all lost things are in the angels' keeping, Love;

No past is dead for us, but only sleeping, Love; The years of Heaven with all earth's little pain Make Good Together there we can begin again, In babyhood.

Films today show only a dream world and have lost touch with the way people really are... In this country, people die at 21. They die emotionally at 21, maybe younger... My responsibility as an artist is to help people get past 21... The films are a roadmap through emotional and intellectual terrain that provides a solution on how to save pain.

Each person with his or her history of being accepted or rejected, with his or her past history of inner pain and difficulties in relationships, is different. But in each one there is a yearning for communion and belonging, but at the same time a fear of it. Love is what we most want, yet it is what we fear the most.

When every minute of your day is planned & you are packed for days, you shall soon realize that the pain of past fades, vision of life gets clearer and all that seemed to poison your life Ceases to exist.

Do yourself a favor and forgive anyone that has anything against you.

Do it as an act of faith and trust God to change and heal your emotions. Pray for your enemies and never say another unkind thing about them. It is the only way you can move past the pain and begin to heal.

I thank the Lord that, even though things were so wrong in my life here, I finally was brought to the realization of what all those struggles were about. There are some wonderful things from your painful past, things with a beauty you may not have realized at the time.

In 1975,Bob Dylan was almost 10 years past his prime - and then he released the best album of his career, Blood on the Tracks. Written and recorded amid a painful divorce, Blood on the Tracks is proof that heartbreak makes great art - just as many of the albums that followed were the opposite.

There is no greater pain than to remember, in our present grief, past happiness.

Bad habits are easy to develop but difficult to live with.

Good habits are difficult to develop, but easy to live with. If you are willing to be uncomfortable for little while, so you can press past the initial pain of change, in the long run, your life will be much better.

The life where nothing was ever unexpected.

Or inconvenient. Or unusual. The life without colour, pain or past.

In times of pain, when the future is too terrifying to contemplate and the past too painful to remember, I have learned to pay attention to right now. The precise moment I was in was always the only safe place for me.

In the middle of the night, things well up from the past that are not always cause for rejoicing--the unsolved, the painful encounters, the mistakes, the reasons for shame or woe. But all, good or bad, give me food for thought, food to grow on.

Because God gave you your makeup and superintended every moment of your past, including all the hardship, pain, and struggles, He wants to use your words in a unique manner. No one else can speak through your vocal cords, and, equally important, no one else has your story.

I understood that all the material of a literary work was in my past life, I understood that I had acquired it in the midst of frivolous amusements, in idleness, in tenderness and in pain, stored up by me without my divining its destination or even its survival, as the seed has in reserve all the ingredients which will nourish the plant.

The underlying motivation that drives all addiction is our insistence on avoiding pain. However, the pain you are avoiding is based in the past, and has nothing to do with the present moment.

Music therapy, to me, is music performance without the ego.

It's not about entertainment as much as its about empathizing. If you can use music to slip past the pain and gather insight into the workings of someone else's mind, you can begin to fix a problem.

The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain.

It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.

If you keep picking a scab it will bleed and never heal.

If you keep dragging the pain of the past up, it will never heal.

Had history been democratic in its ways, there would have been no farming and no indsturial revolution. Both leaps into the future were occasioned by unbearably painful crises that made most people wish they could recoil into the past.

One of the essential tasks for living a wise life is letting go.

Letting go is the path to freedom. It is only by letting go of the hopes, the fears, the pain, the past, the stories that have a hold on us that we can quiet our mind and open our heart.

Bourne concentrated on rest and mobility.

From somewhere in his forgotten past he understood that recovery depended upon both and he applied rigid discipline to both.

Past mistakes cannot create a present pain;

no mistake in life has the power to make us ache any more than the echo of someone crying can shed tears.

Letting go of your painful past is how you open yourself to a wonderful future.

I wish to you sunshine, my dear one, my dear one.

And treetops for you to soar past. I wish to you innocence, my child, my child. I pray you don't grow up too fast. Never know pain, my dear one, my dear one. Nor hunger nor fear nor sorrow. Never know war, my child, my child. Remember your hope for tomorrow.

They smiled in their pains and laughed to scorn those who inflicted torments on them, resigned up their souls with great alacrity, expecting to receive them again.

Things that happen along the way determine the final result.

I think the pain and suffering I went through in the past... lead me here today.

If you cannot free people from their wrongs and see them as the needy people they are, you enslave yourself to your own painful past and by fastening yourself to the past, you let your hate become your future.

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