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Remorse is a terrible thing to bear, Pam, one of the worst of all punishments in this life. To wish undone something you have done, to wish you could look back on kindness to someone you love, instead of on unkindness - that is a very terrible thing.

— Enid Blyton

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Didn't think her vision was consistent with the ORC, especially the way the Council wishes to work with the ORC. For example, with regard to the zoning ordinance, the Council sees a comprehensive approach, the ORC wants to review the ordinances and simplify them. Pam's vision was counter to that.

People think I have courage. The courage in my family are my wife Pam, my three daughters, here, Nicole, Jamie, LeeAnn, my mom, who's right here too.

Rumors about me? Calista Flockhart, Pam Anderson, and Matt Damon. That's who I'm dating.

Voting rights expert and legal scholar Pam Karlan reports that as of 2004, there were more black men disenfranchised than in 1870, the year the Fifteenth Amendment was ratified prohibiting laws that deny the right to vote on the basis of race.

I went to NYU graduate film school and met Pam [Romanowsky], and after doing a few things with her I thought she had the right sensibility and that she could figure it [The Adderall Diaries] out.

Pam has always been my glamorous big sister - 13 years older than I.

She played on the women's circuit for nine years and came home to tell me stories of France, Japan.

Good tuna-fish sandwiches; he’s the tallest man I’ve ever seen! (Pam)

There's Pam watching anxiously. She doesn't look anxious though.

Oh come on Pam, they're funny. They're like humans but miniature...tea cup humans!

If a kid calls his grandma "Mommy" and his mama "Pam", he's going to jail!

Mab Jones' poetry is suffused with a cool wit and a wisdom beyond her years.

She is a superb performance poet in the tradition of Joolz Denby and Pam Ayres and, like them, her work is beautifully layered and contains bittersweet depths.

I grew up watching those blaxploitation movies.

Ron O'Neal, Richard Roundtree, Jim Brown, Pam Grier. For the first time, I saw 'The Negro' get one over on 'The Man.'

How to stop Messi? You need to bring a shotgun, pam-pam and that's it.

I'm a big genre fan. I'm a big science fiction nerd and horror film nerd. I'm obsessed with Pam Grier. I wanted to be her for all of my teenage years.

I have a lot of books optioned. This one sat around for a while - part of that was just because I was trying to figure it out, and I didn't realize I needed Pam to figure it out - but I'm not somebody that likes to option books and then sit on them.

Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon just got themselves a marriage license.

I think before she gets married again Pam needs to slow down and think about whether this is really the man she wants to spend three or four months of her life with.

Hulk Hogan's wife has filed for divorce.

This is the most devastating breakup since Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee. And then Pam Anderson and Kid Rock. And soon, Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon.

I love the theater of the mind because you can go anywhere.

You can say anything, and you pull people in. [You] can be jumping out of a window or riding a cow or having bubble-wrap sex or spraying your body with Pam and sliding out of your chair.

There's people saying that 'Jackie Brown' was a blaxploitation movie, when there's nothing at all blaxploitation about it other than Pam Grier being in it.

Pam said, "Sookie, I brought you something, too.

I never thought I'd want to spend time with a human, but you're more tolerable than most.

Issues are like assholes, we've all got one," Pam snipped.

‎Should we do this now?" Pam gave an almost inaudible snort.

She was smiling in the glow of the streetlight, suddenly exhilarated. "You waiting for an engraved invite?" Lord save me from sarcastic vampires.

Sookie: Is Eric around?" Pam: "He is enthralling the vermin.

If Hunter hadn't been there, I would've picked up the phone to call Eric.

I would've asked him to bring a shovel and come to help me dig a body up. That was what a boyfriend should do, right? But I couldn't leave Hunter alone in the house, and I would've felt terrible if I'd ask Eric to go out in the woods by himself, even though I knew he wouldn't think anything about it. In fact, probably he'd have sent Pam.

Pam: "Claude, the mouthwateringly beautiful asshole?

I apologize for Pam. I accidentally hit her in the head with a baseball when we were in fifth grade and knocked her out cold. She’s never been right since. (Tory)

A little bloodthirsty, isn’t it? (Kim) Given what they did to Tory, I’m thinking a quick death is merciful. Not to mention they ruined one of my favorite jackets and totaled my bike. (Acheron) Well, let’s just torture then bomb the bastards. How dare they! (Pam)

Oh, good grief! I’ve never had a man pick me up before and not grunt like he’s dying. I’m in heaven. Marry me, Ash, please! (Pam) I would say yes, but I come with more baggage than even Samsonite can cover. (Acheron)

I can’t believe this night. I was supposed to be applauded and instead, I’m ruined. I swear to God in heaven if I ever see that man again, I will commit murder. (Tory) Well, if you need help moving the body, you know where Kim and I live. (Pam)

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