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In a big family the first child is kind of like the first pancake. If it's not perfect, that's okay, there are a lot more coming along. — Antonin Scalia

It probably goes without saying that I enjoy the potato pancakes, delicious hams and so forth that maddeningly turn up at this time of year. — Fred Melamed

I think children are like pancakes. You sort of ruin the first one, and you get better at it the second time around. — Kelly Ripa

Aspiring to a souffle, he achieves a pancake at which the reader saws without much appetite. — John Leonard

But unfortunately, when you have a kid, you sometimes eat everything they leave behind. So far today I've had some of her leftover pancakes with peanut butter. — Joely Fisher

I can still memory - taste the fresh buttermilk pancakes and hot buttermilk biscuits - both made with lard! - that were cooked on the top, or in the oven, of that ancient iron stove. — Vernon L. Smith

A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap. — Mitch Hedberg

My absolute favorite meal in Nashville is sweet-potato pancakes at Pancake Pantry. — Taylor Swift