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In Tunisia the Americans had to pay a stiff price for their experience, but it brought rich dividends. Even at that time, the American generals showed themselves to be very advanced in the tactical handling of their forces, although we had to wait until the Patton Army in France to see the most astonishing achievements in mobile warfare.

— Erwin Rommel

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Todd Glass has amazing energy on stage.

Dave Attell is one of my favorites because he's a one liner comic who is always incredibly in the moment with the audience. As for newer people, I think Adrienne Iapalucci writes some great, dark jokes and Sean Patton has a hilarious voice on stage.

There is no such thing as luck, merely opportunity meeting preparedness. George S. Patton Jr.

Containment is a strategy for losers! But as General George S.

Patton famously observed, Americans play to win all the time. Americans don't play to lose.

I wrote the script of Patton. I had this very bizarre opening where he stands up in front of an American flag and gives this speech. Ultimately, I was fired. When the script was done, they hired another writer and that script was forgotten.

In 1969, at the age of 19, I was lucky enough to work with George C.

Scott in the definitive portrayal of his career over a period of many months and several countries on the definitive film version of Patton's WWII career.

Live for something rather than die for nothing. —George Patton

Patton was living in the Dark Ages. Soldiers were peasants to him. I didn't like that attitude.

There are scenes here and effects here that would make George S. Patton wince.

Notoriously outspoken, his sentences always punctuated with profanities, General George S. Patton was the epitome of what a leader should be like - or so he thought. Patton believed a leader should look and act tough, so he cultivated his image and his personality to match his philosophy.

The stuff that I got in trouble for, the casting for The Godfather or the flag scene in Patton, was the stuff that was remembered, and was considered the good work.

People are disgusted. They're disgusted with their politicians. They're disgusted with our trade deals. They're disgusted with the fact that the military can't even beat ISIS. Can you imagine telling General George Patton we can't beat ISIS?

If you look at ISIS, General MacArthur, and General Patton, they're spinning in their graves.

General George Patton, General Douglas MacArthur are spinning in their grave at the stupidity of what we're doing in the Middle East.

I think we're being laughed at all over the world.

I think that if you look at our military, we can't beat ISIS, General George Patton, General Douglas MacArthur are spinning in their grave. We can't beat ISIS, okay? I think that our veterans are not taken care of, they're treated worse than illegal immigrants, by the way.

It's something we do every week. Every week kind of has bigger name headliners. It's all just our taste. There's a lot of people like Ian Edwards or Dan Mintz who a lot of people haven't heard of yet, but we know are really great. When we started the show five years ago it wasn't because Patton Oswalt needs another place to play. It was because we had a lot of new friends like BJ Novak or Morgan Murphy, who didn't have any club to play.

I was able to come up with a couple articles for the magazine, I was able to solicit help from a bunch of my friends to contribute pieces: Patton Oswalt, Seth Green, Emo Phillips, Chris Hardwick, John Hodgman, and more. It's very much a "Weird Al" themed issue, so I'd like to think that there's a lot of "Weird Al" flavor throughout but I think it'd be generous really to call me an editor.

Antwan Patton and Andre Benjamin saved my life.

That's how I view them giving me a record deal, with nothing but love and adoration. I saw Big Boi have to do what he kept doing after Dre said he didn't want to do touring and Aquemini [the label].

If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs.

I love astute observations and really great wordplay.

I love the way that Louis C.K. observes life, and I love the way Patton Oswalt talks about it.

I've always had a keen interest in the world.

My father was in Patton's 3rd Army, and he helped liberate Dachau in the 7th Army.

Charlie Patton, who was born in 1891, recorded some of the very first blues.

In 'Pony Blues' and 'Peavine Blues,' he manages to pile dense layers of rhythms one upon the other.

The smell of death overwhelmed us even before we passed through the stockade.

More than 3200 naked, emaciated bodies had been flung into shallow graves. Others lay in the streets where they had fallen. ... Eisenhower's face whitened into a mask. Patton walked over to a corner and sickened. I was too revolted to speak. For here death had been so fouled by degradation that it both stunned and numbed us.

If you're a leader, you don't push wet spaghetti, you pull it.

The U.S. Army still has to learn that. The British understand it. Patton understood it. I always admired Patton. Oh, sure, the stupid bastard was crazy. He was insane. He thought he was living in the Dark Ages. Soldiers were peasants to him. I didn't like that attitude, but I certainly respected his theories and the techniques he used to get his men out of their foxholes.

She wants me to take out Patton.” Barron’s brows draw together. “Take out? As in transform him?” “No,” I say. “As in take out to dinner. She thinks we’d make a good couple.

In his writings, Patton was shameless about his ambition to woo Lena to be his bride. He detailed the gradual progress he made, playing music for her on his violin, writing her poems, beguiling her with stories, engaging her in conversation. It was clear that he obsessed over her. He knew what he wanted and never relented until she was his.

My solo music - I get up onstage, I improvise and it's my improvisation.

When I get up onstage with Fred Frith and Mike Patton, then we're improvising together. Then it's not my music; it's our music.

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