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It is all very well and it sounds very seductive to say we are going to have harmonisation of regulations, but for example the way that funds are distributed around the states these days, you are positively penalised if you actually want to have say a lower payroll tax or sort of conditions. — Campbell Newman

Raising the congestion charge won't necessarily make a difference. Rather than increasing the amount you pay in congestion charge, we should be thinking about an ultra low emission zone. We should penalise those cars who are the biggest polluters and reward cars that don't, like electric cars. — Sadiq Khan

Of course, we all have to be taxed, but once you start to earn more than £150,000, and start paying 45 per cent tax, you are penalised. It is like a witch hunt. — Anthea Turner

If you've been frugal during your life and tried to save, you're penalised by the tax system. You pay tax on your wages, your savings and even your private pension. — Geoff Capes

Western civilisation, the élitists all understood, is built upon discrimination: a culture that does not rest on discrimination, that penalises people who discriminate, or rewards the undiscriminating, is worth very little and has only callow, childish pleasures. — Richard Davenport-Hines

When we look at the astonishing material achievements of the West. we see these things as the result, not of compulsion or government action or the superior wisdom of a few, but of that system of competition and free enterprise, rewarding success and penalising failure, which enables every individual to participate by his private decisions in shaping the future of his society. — Enoch Powell

Any woman who says she's not a feminist is just someone who's afraid of being penalised for saying she wants to advocate for women. — Antony Hegarty

I've never felt like a woman fighting in a male world; I've never felt penalised. — Miranda Hart