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I would not a bit mind sleeping in the cool grass in summer, and when winter came on sheltering myself by the warm close-thatched rick, or under the penthouse of a great barn, provided I had love in my heart.

— Oscar Wilde

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Vowels are the most illuminated letters in the alphabet.

Vowels are the colors and souls of poetry and speech. (1976 Penthouse interview)

When I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was to escape what I thought was the country and get to a city. Probably film and television had influenced me so much, I really thought the key to happiness was living a very artificial life in a penthouse in New York with martini glasses.

Success is like a high-rise building I'm on the first floor.

There are a lot of people in the basement or the parking lot but I was lucky enough to have made it to the first floor and I'm looking to make it to the penthouse.

America has not always been kind to its artists and scholars.

Somehow the scientists always seem to get the penthouse while the arts and humanities get the basement.

Even on the old show, we would maybe not all be in the scene.

Sometimes there would be a penthouse scene and everyone would get together. But, even in that context, it would be because somebody was missing.

'Penthouse' didn't seem to concentrate as much on the girls' faces, and I really wanted to see the girls' faces. It seems like through the 1980's, they almost went out of their way to obscure the girls' faces.

You can put me in the basement or the penthouse; it doesn't matter to me.

I stayed in the ghetto. Then I stayed in condos, then I stayed in penthouses, and then I stayed in mansions.

When 'Penthouse' and 'Hustler' came along, they confused what I was trying to do. Before they arrived, we were perceived as a sophisticated men's magazine.

More and more lower-middle-income families either live their lives in debt or leave the city altogether. The boom is strictly at the penthouse level.

I saw that Donald Trump is selling his penthouse suite at the Trump Park Avenue building here in New York City for $21 million. When asked why he's selling it now, Trump said 'Hey, Americans seem to be buying everything else I'm selling, so why not strike while the iron's hot.'

Hell is being trapped in a night-club with the'beautiful people'and forced to live in a'luxury penthouse flat'.

It's a short trip from the penthouse to the outhouse.

I have been asked to pose for Penthouse on my hundredth birthday. Everybody is going to be sorry.

My ultimate goal will be my being told in a Penthouse letter that I can frame.

My family didn't find out until I told them, which was when I won Penthouse Pet of the Year. They took it as well as I could have hoped. I am their daughter and they love me, so it was great when they didn't disown me.

Inside the mirrored elevator, Mulch used a telescopic pointer to push P for the penthouse. For the first few months he had jumped to reach the button, but that was undignified behavior for a millionaire. And besides, he was certain that Art could hear the thumping from the security desk.

You’re right,” she acknowledged. “I don’t know you, really. We spent all of about thirty minutes together nearly a decade ago. Still, I think the Kyle Rhodes who walked me home and gave me the shirt off his back would do the right thing no matter how pissed he was at my office. So if that guy is hanging around this penthouse anywhere, tell him to call me.

Forget about writing to Penthouse. This one was going to be a story for their grandkids.

Can't a rapper insist, like other artists, on a fictional reality, in which he is somehow still on the corner, despite occupying the penthouse suite?

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