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Victory belongs to the most persevering. — Napoleon Bonaparte

A crime persevered in a thousand centuries ceases to be a crime, and becomes a virtue. This is the law of custom, and custom supersedes all other forms of law. — Mark Twain

Take the ideas of the masses (scattered and unsystematic ideas) and concentrate them (through study turn them into concentrated and systematic ideas), then go to the masses and propagate and explain these ideas until the masses embrace them as their own, hold fast to them and translate them into action, and test the correctness of these ideas in such action. Then once again concentrate ideas from the masses and once again go to the masses so that the ideas are persevered in and carried through. And so on, over and over again in an endless spiral, with the ideas becoming more correct, more vital and richer each time. Such is the Marxist theory of knowledge. — Mao Zedong

It seems to me that man is made to act rather than to know: the principles of things escape our most persevering researches. — Frederick the Great

Victory belong to the most persevering. — Andre Norton

It's perseverance that's the key. It's persevering for long enough to achieve your potential. — Lynn Davies

The true courage of space flight is not sitting aboard 6 million pounds of fire and thunder as one rockets away from this planet. True courage comes in enduring, persevering, the preparation and believing in oneself. — Ronald McNair

The majority of the diseases which the human family have been and still are suffering under, they have created by ignorance of their own organic health, and work perseveringly to tear themselves to pieces, and when broken down and debilitated in body and mind, send for the doctor and drug themselves to death. — Ellen G. White