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If a movie is described as a romantic comedy, you can usually find me next door playing pinball.

— George Carlin

Informative Pinball quotations

The world changed from having the determinism of a clock to having the contingency of a pinball machine.

The world changed from having the determinism of a clock to having the contingency of a pinball machine.

Nobody trusts anyone, or why did they put tilt on a pinball machine.

I'm not a ball in a pinball machine. I know what I want.

The outdoors, the beautiful environment, both in fresh and salt water.

And the thing that concerns me is the amount of kids that stand on street corners, or go into pinball parlours, and call it recreation.

I just always loved pinball.

It wasn't just about flashing lights and pinball machines blowing up and things like that. It was about using encores, bringing back the good songs and using techniques that I knew about from rock performance.

To be honest, I look at my Pinball program and feel that it is old stuff. I could do much better.

There is nothing so perfect as pinball and a pint at 11 a.m.

The Earth is God's pinball machine and each quake, tidal wave, flash flood and volcanic eruption is the result of a TILT that occurs when God, cheating, tries to win free games.

Tokyo is like a huge futuristic pinball machine.

It's like a bubble with two lost creatures inside a pinball machine that doesn't care about them. The other thing is, it's very colorful.

I must confess I've always had a couple of pinball machines in my home and really have enjoyed some of the old classics, like Fireball.

Giving advice is like playing pinball: only by pushing and pulling can you encourage the ball to go in a new direction and increase your score. But too much pushing and pulling can cause a tilt and stop the game.

Today's customer journey is an iterative, complex, pinball of touchpoints.

My cat is completely blind. I am watching her now, sweet-pea that is, circling the kitchen floor and bumping into the kitchen chairs. She is kind of like a furry ball in a pinball machine...she bumps into something and then just turns and moves on...it makes me smile - although i know it's just not that funny. I think i laugh because what i really feel like doing, is crying

Following Simon's adventures is like being the pinball in an especially antic game, but it's well worth the wear and tear.

I am the pinball geek of the band, probably of the nation of Canada.

I've been a pinball fan my whole life. I started collecting machines in the late '90s.

In video you are starting with nothing but a black screen.

There's no game there. With pinball you at least start with that basic concept, but not with video. The challenge of going from no game to something today is only different because you have to create something so damn fun people will pay $1.00 every two minutes to play it.

As a child, I remember my dad would sometimes drive me into town with him to play pinball machines together. It's a bittersweet memory but also a favorite.

Programs to demonstrate Darwinian evolution are akin to a pinball machine.

The steel ball bounces around differently every time but eventually falls down the little hole behind the flippers.

And I think that it is certainly possible that the objective universe can be affected by the poet. I mean, you recall Orpheus made the trees and the stones dance and so forth, and this is something which is in almost all primitive cultures. I think it has some definite basis to it. I'm not sure what. It's like telekinesis, which I know very well on a pinball machine is perfectly possible.

I am learning slowly to bring my crazy pinball-machine mind back to this place.

Each new thing he encountered in life impelled him in a direction that fully convinced him of its rightness, but then the next new thing loomed up and impelled him in the opposite direction, which also felt right. There was no controlling narrative: he seemed to himself a purely reactive pinball in a game whose only object was to stay alive for staying alive's sake.

Somebody had tipped the American continent like a pinball machine and all the goofballs had come rolling to LA in the southwest corner. I cried for all of us. There was no end to the American sadness and the American madness. Someday we'll all start laughing and roll on the ground when we realize how funny it's been.

I'm dating myself by saying this, but I was the test audience for 'Space Invaders.' I remember when that was the first game that wasn't a pinball game. I spent a lot of money on 'Space Invaders,' in the form of quarters, of course.

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