quote by Sandy Koufax

I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it.

— Sandy Koufax

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Avoid him who talks sweetly before you but tries to ruin you behind your back, for he is like a pitcher of poison with milk on top.

The best pitchers have a short term memory and a bullet proof confidence.

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After I hit a home run I had a habit of running the bases with my head down.

I figured the pitcher already felt bad enough without me showing him up rounding the bases.

Self-discipline is a form of freedom.

Freedom from laziness and lethargy, freedom from the expectations and demands of others, freedom from weakness and fear-and doubt. Self-discipline allows a pitcher to feel his individuality, his inner strength, his talent. He is master of, rather than a slave to, his thoughts and emotions.

This body is a tent which for a space Does the pure soul with kingly presence grace; When he departs, comes the tent-pitcher, Death, Strikes it, and moves to a new halting-place.

In the olden days, the umpire didn't have to take any courses in mind reading.

The pitcher told you he was going to throw at you.

Bob Gibson is the luckiest pitcher I ever saw.

He always pitches when the other team doesn't score any runs.

No baseball pitcher would be worth a darn without a catcher who could handle the hot fastball.

A pitcher needs two pitches, one they're looking for and one to cross them up.

Natural grass is a wonderful thing for little bugs and sinkerball pitchers.

In Brooklyn, it was as though you were in your own little bubble.

You were all part of one big, but very close family, and the Dodgers were the main topic of everybody's conversations and you could sense the affection people had for you. I don't know that such a thing exists anymore.

In the split second from the time the ball leaves the pitcher's hand until it reaches the plate you have to think about your stride, your hip action, your wrist action, determine how much, if any the ball is going to break and then decide whether to swing at it.

I remember one time I'm batting against the Dodgers in Milwaukee.

They lead, 2 - 1, it's the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two out and the pitcher has a full count on me. I look over to the Dodger dugout and they're all in street clothes.

A good base stealer should make the whole infield jumpy.

Whether you steal or not, you're changing the rhythm of the game. If the pitcher is concerned about you, he isn't concentrating enough on the batter.

A glass pitcher, a wicker basket, a tunic of coarse cloth.

Their beauty is inseparable from their function. Handicrafts belong to a world existing before the separation of the useful and the beautiful.

Your body is not made to throw like we throw.

That's why you see softball pitchers pitching two or three games a day. It's a natural movement in softball. In baseball it's not a natural movement.

A pitcher has to look at the hitter as his mortal enemy.

A guy that throws what he intends to throw, that's the definition of a good pitcher.

Every great batter works on the theory that the pitcher is more afraid of him than he is of the pitcher.

The contents of the glass don’t matter;

what’s more important is to realize there’s a pitcher of water nearby. In other words, we have the capacity to refill the glass, or to change our outlook.

When I was 12, I had a coach tell me I would never be a championship pitcher.

That devastated me. I was crushed.

The Vice Presidency isn't worth a pitcher of warm spit.

In baseball, even the best hitters fail seven of ten times, and of those seven failures there are different reasons why. Some are personal failures, others are losses to the pitcher. You just get beat. In those personal failures, I felt I could have done better.

Poets are like baseball pitchers. Both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things.

No self-respecting pitcher throws the same way to every batter and no self-respecting salesman makes the same pitch to every client.

There's only one way to become a hitter.

Go up to the plate and get mad. Get mad at yourself and mad at the pitcher.

The pitcher wound up and he flang the ball at the batter.

The batter swang and missed. The pitcher flang the ball again and this time the batter connected. He hit a high fly right to the center fielder. The center fielder was all set to catch the ball, but at the last minute his eyes were blound by the sun and he dropped it.

When I played football, basketball and baseball, I was always a starter.

I played baseball as the number three or number four hitter. Playing baseball, I was the third baseman or pitcher. Football, I was the quarterback. I was always versatile. It came to me naturally. It was always easy.

Yankee pitchers have had great success this year against Cabrera when they get him out.

I know who's the best pitcher I ever see and it's old Satchel Paige, that big lanky colored boy. My fastball looks like a change of pace alongside that little pistol bullet ole Satchel (Paige) shoots up to the plate.

No athletes talk to themselves like tennis players.

Pitchers, golfers, goalkeepers, they mutter to themselves, but tennis players talk to themselves-and answer. Tennis players look like lunatics in a public square.

When I knocked a guy down, there was no second part to the story.

You must empty out the dirty water before you fill the pitcher with clean.

If I'm a pitcher, my only point would be that if I'm a relief pitcher, I think I like the idea of warming up on the field.