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An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff, and builds a plane on his way down.

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home. — Anna Quindlen

Why don't they make the whole plane out of that black box stuff. — Steven Wright

Ali and I have become friends over the years. I was on a plane with him one time when he was the champion. — Robert Goulet

My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out forms on a plane. — Graham Greene

I figured if the plane goes down, I'll go with a great genius and will always have my name connected with his. — Matthew Sweet

The atom, being for all practical purposes the stable unit of the physical plane, is a constantly changing vortex of reactions. — Kabbalah

In all planing you make a list and you set priorities. — Alan Lakein

When I'm on planes, I'd talk to people and I'd tell them I compete in the X Games. Some would know what it was, but maybe half didn't. But everyone knows about the Olympics. They're really like the X Games for the world! — Shaun White