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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist while still achieving milestones and outcomes as required by certain funders and policy-makers.

— Pablo Picasso

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For policy makers interested in using tax policy to stimulate investments or especially to smooth business cycle fluctuations, the results are not promising.

Policy makers quote If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. The
If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. The he becomes your partner.
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We need to ask our policy makers and those we elect to office who are supposed to make decisions to give us the evidence of the facts that are behind the decisions that we make. We should be skeptical.

Policy makers quote Honesty is the best policy.
Honesty is the best policy.

The resistance of policy-makers to intelligence is not just founded on an ideological presupposition. They distrust intelligence sources and intelligence officials because they don't understand what the real problems are.

The job of a judge is to figure out what the law says, not what he wants it to say. There is a difference between the role of a judge and that of a policy maker... Judging requires a certain impartiality.

Policy is formed by preconceptions, by long implanted biases.

When information is relayed to policy-makers, they respond in terms of what is already inside their heads and consequently make policy less to fit the facts than to fit the notions and intentions formed out of the mental baggage that has accumulated in their minds since childhood.

Policy makers quote Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense.
Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense.

I'm not a policy maker. I'm not even a very great activist. My main thing is to make things that speak for the culture that I live in.

Anyone who studies declassified documents soon becomes aware that government secrecy is largely an effort to protect policy makers from scrutiny by citizens, not to protect the country from enemies.

The problem is the policy makers don't have practitioners in the policy team.

You won't make an IT policy without consulting a Narayan Murthy or Nandan Nilekani. But for energy, people think they know everything and they know what to do for it. That's how the policies are created in Delhi and that needs to change.

Policy makers quote We are not makers of history. We are made by history.
We are not makers of history. We are made by history.

The folly and hubris of the policy makers who heedlessly thrust the nation into an ill-defined and open-ended 'global war on terror' without the foggiest notion of what victory would look like, how it would be won, and what it might cost approached standards hitherto achieved only by slightly mad German warlords.

If policy makers and program managers participate in an interdisciplinary assessment team, make informal visits to local families and have in-depth conversations with local providers and health authorities, the real needs and complex challenges of organizing good reproductive health services become apparent.

If, in our haste to 'progress,' the economics of ecology are disregarded by citizens and policy makers alike, the result will be an ugly America. We cannot afford an America where expedience tramples upon esthetics and development decisions are made with an eye only on the present.

Policy makers quote May future generations look back on our work and say that these men and women wh
May future generations look back on our work and say that these men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to their politicians, the opinion-makers, and the establishment, and saved their country.

American decision-makers must understand how damaging a foreign policy that privileges order and profit over justice really is in the long term.

Any good teacher should become acquainted with relevant technologies.

But the technologies should not dictate an education goal. Rather, the teacher (or parent or student or policy maker) should ask: can technology help to achieve this goal, and which technologies are most likely to be helpful?

No one doing big business can avoid some contact with government agencies, regulators, and policy makers.

Global warming - at least the modern nightmare vision - is a myth.

I am sure of it and so are a growing number of scientists. But what is really worrying is that the world's politicians and policy makers are not.

Somewhere in, I think, the back of the mind of some [education] policy makers is this idea that if we fine-tune it well enough, if we just get it right, it will all hum along perfectly into the future. It won't, and it never did.

Policy makers still think that if we just hand out more money the world's problems will be solved.

Indian president does not determine policy.

Here President is not the policy maker. In the name of the president, the cabinet takes the policy decision.

Homelessness came into being because liberal policy makers embraced a series of foolish ideas.

I think the policy makers like the idea of being the boss.

I mean people who like to boss other people around like to go into politics so they can become the boss.

Children have in the past and continue to influence policy makers.

I was an intelligence officer, not a policy-maker.

The key reason why we are richer than our ancestors is that these ancestors have bequeathed us buildings, factories and machines that have given us a high living standard to start with. Driven by irresponsible policy makers, America's present generation is consuming the nation's capital.

Every concerned citizen and policy maker should read this book.

The environmentalists will hate it. The world's destitute masses will love it. And everyone will be challenged by it to reexamine their beliefs and the environmental establishment's claims.

We thought that if we can highlight it, it will impact policy-makers and politicians and encourage them to take some concrete action.

More and more individuals worldwide are realizing that war does not solve conflict, nor resolve long-standing cycles of violence. As more of those who have this understanding communicate it to policy-makers and more particularly, start implementing it in their own lives and localities, change will start to happen.

We want to bring enterprise back to blighted urban areas.

People there have been told nothing is ever going to change. The policy makers may feel the same way.

It urges policy makers and the Supreme Court to make the mistake of curing what could prove to be an isolated problem by disarming the government of its principal weapon to stop future terrorist attacks.

Policy makers who have never served in the military continue to use the military to lead social change in this country.

There is no question that policy makers, corporate leaders, pension consultants, and journalists too have to get out into the real world to at least see the pain of retirement woes before they start to prescribe policies and solutions.

Policy makers have plainly failed both here in the United States and in Europe as well. People who have suffered because of that. And when they say, "Throw out economists, we don't trust economists anymore," you can totally understand why.

If you're an Indian, you could be very anxious about some of the Supreme Court's decisions, some of the decisions of policy makers, so maybe a little bit of irony there. But I think our "Savage Anxieties," when I titled the book, I really wanted to focus people on the challenge that tribes in this country, as well as indigenous peoples around the world, are confronting Western civilization with.

The teachers union may not like Betsy DeVos, but she's clearly within the range of Republican policy-makers.

I get letters from [people getting insurance] right now.

"You saved my child's life." "I did not have to sell my home when my wife got sick." And that is what, as a policy maker, I'm trying to achieve during the short period of time that I'm here.