quote by Alan Turing

We are not interested in the fact that the brain has the consistency of cold porridge.

— Alan Turing

Blissful Porridge quotations

Spare your breath to cool your porridge.

He receives comfort like cold porridge.

The early bird catches the worm.

I never thrust my nose into other men's porridge.

It is no bread and butter of mine; every man for himself, and God for us all.

I had one nanny who made me sit in front of a bowl of porridge for three or four days running when I refused to eat it. I remember being very unhappy about that.

The most used piece of kit in my kitchen is my saucepan.

I use it every morning to cook my porridge in. The least used piece of equipment? I'd say a food mixer. I've never used it, I don't really know what they're for.

Oh madam, when you put bread and cheese, instead of burnt porridge, into these children's mouths, you may indeed feed their vile bodies, but you little think how you starve their immortal souls!

My perfect morning is spent drinking coffee, eating porridge and reading the paper at a local cafe.

Nothing in this world is at it seems. Except, possibly, porridge.

If men had been forbidden to make porridge of camel's dung, they would have done it, saying that they would not have been forbidden to do it unless there had been some good in it.

Illegitimis non carborundum. Lat., Don't let the bastards grind you down.

There is more than one way to burn a book.

...the true spirit of gastronomic joylessness. Porridge fills the Englishman up, and prunes clear him out.

It used to be standard practice that the pre-match meal consisted of egg, steak and chicken. But I talked them into changing to complex carbohydrates. So now they will sup on porridge, pasta or rice.

Faith is like porridge. Better with milk and honey.

One of the difficulties in understanding the brain is that it is like nothing so much as a lump of porridge.

The Goldilocks Enigma is the idea that everything in the universe is just right for life, like the porridge in the fairy tale.

Date syrup is a natural sweetener that has wonderful richness and treacly depth;

I drizzle it over semolina porridge.

Oh- my twitchy witchy girl I think you are so nice, I give you bowls of porridge And I give you bowls of ice Cream. I give you lots of kisses, And I give lots of hugs, But I never give you sandwiches With bugs In.

There's more than one way to be a girl

Your date is better in your pie and your porridge than in your cheek.

The food that's never let me down in life is porridge, especially with milk and maple syrup, which is delicious. Paris isn't a porridge place, but I can buy it in London when I'm there and bring it back with me.

I see no advantages in aging whatsoever.

You become shriveled. You become decrepit. You lose your faculties. Your peer group passes away. You sit in a room gumming your porridge. I don't see any advantage in this whatsoever.

If I'm playing in the morning, I'll get some carbs early: porridge with chopped banana. If I'm playing in the afternoon, I'll start with less carbs and have some eggs and fruit for breakfast, then a light lunch about 90 minutes before I play, so I don't feel sluggish or full.

Literary tradition is full of lies about poverty-the jolly beggar, the poor but happy milkmaid, the wholesome diet of porridge, etc.

I feel good when I stir something with a spurtle, but I don't make porridge very much in London.

The poor are discussed as this homogeneous mash, like porridge.

The idea that they might be individuals, and be where they are for very different, diverse reasons, again seems to escape some people.

By the time she had interpreted Harry's dreams at the top of her voice (all of which, even the ones that involved eating porridge, apparently foretold a gruesome and early death), he was feeling much less sympathetic toward her.

37 is a lumpy number, a bit like porridge.

Six is very small and dark and cold, and whenever I was little trying to understand what sadness is I would imagine myself inside a number six and having that experience of cold and darkness. Similarly, number four is a shy number.

The point is obvious. There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches. Every minority, be it Baptist/Unitarian, Irish/Italian/Octogenarian/Zen Buddhist, Zionist/Seventhday Adventist, Women's Lib/Republican, Mattachine/Four Square Gospel feels it has the will, the right, the duty to douse the kerosene, light the fuse. Every dimwit editor whosees himself as the source of all dreary blanc-mange plain porridge unleavened literature, licks his guillotine and eyes the neck of any author who dares to speak above a whisper or write above a nursery rhyme.

Worried about a skin condition? Leap smartly into a bath of porridge.

Porridge and the urban lifestyle don't mix well.

Interesting, he later reflected, was perhaps not the correct word.

By the time he and Henry arrived back at the house for their midday meal-a scrumptious bowl of hot, sticky porridge-he had mucked out the stable stalls, milked a cow, been pecked by three separate hens, weeded a vegetable garden, and fallen into a trough.

The early bird catches the worm. But I have never been one for worms. I am not sure what the late bird catches, but I will feast with him today. Probably porridge.

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