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If "ifs" and "ands" were pots and pans, there'd be no work for tinkers' hands

— Charles Kingsley

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I think physicists are the Peter Pans of the human race.

They never grow up and they keep their curiosity.

DON'T wear loud clanging bangles at work, it's disruptive and noisy and your coworkers won't appreciate it! Bangles should have a gentle wind-chimey tinkle, not the crash bang of a million pots and pans.

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Let there be no disappointment when obedience keeps you busy in outward tasks.

If it sends you to the kitchen, remember that the Lord walks among the pots and pans.

Fewer and fewer Americans possess objects that have a patina, old furniture, grandparents pots and pans -- the used things, warm with generations of human touch, essential to a human landscape. Instead, we have our paper phantoms, transistorized landscapes. A featherweight portable museum.

My ear is not working, my poetry ear.

I can't write a line that doesn't sound like pots and pans falling out of the cupboard.

Christ moves along the pots and pans.

Get out from that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans.

Well, roll my breakfast cause I'm a hungry man.

A great cook is made from having a great sense of hospitality and trying to make people happy. Then there's natural talent. Perhaps you have a feel for ingredients, the pots, the pans and stoves, that type of thing.

I'm not a Luddite completely; I believe in refrigerators to cool my martinis, and washing machines because I hate to see women smacking their laundry against a rock. When I hear about hardware, I think of pots and pans, and when I hear about software, I think of sheets and towels.

I was playing with sound like I would have played with pots and pans as a kid.

Damn words; they're just the pots and pans of life, the pails and scrubbing-brushes. I wish I didn't have to think in words.

If you want to save yourself the ticket price, go into the kitchen, cue up a male choir singing the music of hell, and get a kid to start banging pots and pans together. Then close your eyes and use your imagination.

These blithering women who thought they could do a man's work.

Why the hell couldn't they stay at home and mind their pots and pans and stick to their frocks and gossip and leave men's work to the men.

You like to explore things, and your parents don't like it because it gets the pots and pans dirty, and because it's noisy - but for you it's fun, you're resting. You're actually doing experiments... Just tell your parents that they're experiments, and you want to become a scientist, and then they won't stop you from doing anything you want.

I wrote a mad, passionate letter to the best restaurant in the UK, Le Gavroche in London, and asked if I could work for them. They gave me a job as a dishwasher (Colin laughs). For me that was a joy because I had a foot in the door of this world class restaurant. Just being around the buzz and the pots and pans and the wonderful food and all this produce that was coming in, that was the start of Paul Rankin the chef.

I'm just very sort of compulsive and lack the ability to keep things in perspective. If I'm not writing or playing guitar or on the microphone or out on the road, I'm cleaning pots and pans or freaking out about some plumbing issue or tweeting.

In terms of pots and pans, I just use the basics - Im not a snob like that.

Militant mothers hiding in the basement using pots and pans as their shields and their helmets.

I am simply not interested in the pots and pans affair, and neither can I bring myself to be interested in the same. I have such great cooks in the family that I would rather manage the other affairs and leave the kitchen to those who know it best.

Lord of all pots and pans and things make me a saint by getting meals and washing up the plates!

I've wanted to be a drummer since I was about five years old.

I used to play on a bath salt container with wires on the bottom, and on a round coffee tin with a loose wire fixed to it to give a snare drum effect. Plus there were always my Mum's pots and pans. When I was ten, my Mum bought me a snare drum. My Dad bought me my first full drum kit when I was 15. It was almost prehistoric. Most of it was rust.