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I'm aware of the mystery around us, so I write about coincidences, premonitions, emotions, dreams, the power of nature, magic. — Isabel Allende

My mother had a premonition and she felt that hairdressing would be very very good for me. — Vidal Sassoon

What's a premonition? It's when you feel something before it actually happens. Do I believe in it? Yes. Have I had one? Nothing worth noting. I believe in all of that kind of stuff. — Julian McMahon

Anything Can Happen, on the other hand, is not only about the atrociousness of the September 11 attack, it is also a premonition of the deadly retaliation that was bound to come. — Seamus Heaney

I believe I'm a caterpillar buried deep down under the ground. The entire earth is above me, crushing me and I begin to bore through the soil, making a passage to the surface so that I can penetrate the crust and issue into the light. It's hard work boring through the entire earth, but I'm able to be patient because I have a strong premonition that as soon as I do issue into the light I shall become a butterfly. — Nikos Kazantzakis

In my rear view mirror the sun is going down sinking behind bridges in the road and I think of all the good things that we have left undone and I suffer premonitions confirm suspicions of the holocaust to come. — Roger Waters

Premonitions, presentiments, the sensing of unseen presences and many allied experiences are due to the activity of the astral body and its reaction on the physical; their ever-increasing frequency is merely the result of its evolution among educated people. — Annie Besant

Have we not huddled in bunkers, while some premonition of tomorrow hung in the air and a comrade started singing? Oh, it felt so melancholy! And it was kitsch. — Robert Musil